TheNeurosphere LLC was able to implement a machine learning network

TheNeurosphere LLC is successfully presenting its research in neuroscience to the world

A neural network requires training like any species capable of thinking. A team of scientists from TheNeurosphere LLC is developing innovative ideas and conducting research on the creation and study of artificial intelligence. According to scientists, this development will help a person make significant progress in science.

TheNeurosphere LLC

Every day, a person encounters machine intelligence without noticing it. Almost every inhabitant of our planet uses the latest gadgets – this is a vivid example of a new development of scientists. One of the most famous scientists gave the concept of artificial intelligence the following meaning: artificial intelligence is a scientific direction, the purpose of which is to create mechanical devices that will be capable of learning, rational judgments, and given behaviour. The meaning of creating these machines is to take from human intelligence the ability to develop and learn new things, and some other necessary parameters, but at the same time eliminate unreasonable behaviour and emotions that often interfere with making rational decisions.

Currently, artificial intelligence has actively entered modern life and can perform the most complex tasks associated with intellectual work, for example, the computation of complex calculations and formulas, or physical activity – the use of machines in enterprises.

What are the goals of TheNeurosphere company?

But scientists want to achieve not only the implementation of the actions specified by the program, but also literally teach robots to think. The team of The Neuro Sphere LLC was able to implement a machine learning network in 2016. They managed to find ways and solutions that allow artificial intelligence not only to perform assigned tasks but also to improve their level of skills. This was achieved through modelling the network into which the artificial intelligence is placed. It is set a group of specific parameters that respond to external stimuli from the environment. If there is no change, the machine runs unchanged. However, in the event of a change in the environment, other impulses will begin to arrive, which will cause a change in the response of the neural network, and, therefore, the behaviour model of the machine itself will change. This is the learning algorithm. Simply put, a robot is placed in various situations in which it has to use one or another model of behaviour, but the difference between a neural network and a simple machine is that the first one will choose the most suitable model based on the surrounding situation.

TheNeurosphere LLC is successfully presenting its research in neuroscience to the world. The company has been operating since the 10th of November, 2015. The concept behind the creation was not just to research and develop new ideas for working with neuro systems, but also to make them available to everyone. This approach helps to facilitate many processes. Calculations that would take a human for years can be completed by modern machines in a few minutes. This is a huge breakthrough in science, and a huge thanks go to the team of scientists and engineers at TheNeurosphere LLC.