Diet hacks to make you a more productive entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not easy and if you are reading this, then you probably do not need us to tell you that either.

There’s just so much expectation around you and a bulk of those expectations possibly come from your own self, which is the reason why you have taken this route of building businesses and making them succeed in the first place, when you could have just settled for a 9-to-5 job like so many others at your school did.

diet hacks

Unfortunately, there is a limit to what and how much we can do, and that limit was set by our genetics even before we came to know what the term actually meant. The good news is that if you are already into entrepreneurship, the required intelligence and abilities are there already. The only thing you need are a few hacks to make that intelligent brain of yours work to its full capacity every day, which is precisely what we are going to guide you with next.

Maximize caffeine

The modern world loves coffee and while most of us do not realize it, we are sincerely and practically addicted to the caffeine in it, rather than just being coffee connoisseurs!

You probably already know and depend on your morning and evening cups of coffee heavily, but there are ways to maximize caffeine’s potentials to make you even more energetic, efficient and alert, without the jitters that come with having too much caffeine in your system. Go through the following few methods to understand what we are suggesting here.

  • Take caffeine supplements in pill/capsule form to maximize the effects, while reducing the side effects.
  • DO NOT take too much caffeine (more than 200mg – 250mg) at once, because it will shock your brain into counterproductivity.
  • Caffeine is a slow acting stimulant; keep long gaps in between two cups or two pills.
  • Stay hydrated all the time to make caffeine more effective and increase focus.
  • Boost your caffeine intake with black tea in between.

Boost your brain with nootropics

Nootropics are natural or synthetic supplements for the brain that can boost concentration, cognitive abilities, bring about focused relaxation and so much more. Even caffeine is considered to be a nootropic by some experts, but it is essentially a stimulant rather than being an actual nootropic. Successful people all around the world depend heavily on various kinds of nootropic supplements and drugs, although they will probably not tell you about it.

In case you are wondering what nootropic supplement you should start with, then do realize that the choice is vast and some of the nootropic drugs are not legal in the United States without a doctor prescribing them to you.

Thankfully, there are many different choices in nootropics that are completely legal with minimum to zero side-effects and Vitamonk has listed eight of the best nootropic supplements on their website that are available legally all around the United States.

Which would be the right nootropic for me?

Do understand that depending on whether you choose uridine phosphate, Alpha GPC or L-theanine, the results will vary. This is one more reason why we recommend visiting the page linked above because they explain each and every nootropic in detail, so that you can build a stack that provides you with maximum productivity each and every day.

To be intelligent and hardworking at the same time is a gift very few of us have, but since you already have that gift, the diet hacks we just discussed will propel all that potential further and faster than even you could have thought possible previously. Boosted productivity will no longer be synonymous to an occasional day of high energy anymore, but it will instead become a daily, expected level of performance for you.