5 ways to use effective infographics in your marketing strategy

If your marketing team is bored creating the same old content over and over, your customers are bored too. Here’s how to use effective infographics.

People respond to and process images faster and better than any other form of data. In fact, the human brain has the capability of processing images 60,000 times better and faster than text. 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. As such, we use such skills for data processing which can be found in an effective infographics.

effective infographics

As a business, to capture the attention of prospects, use effective infographics. Not only can you use them to share complex information, but you can sync with your business content.

To drive traffic to your website or increase brand awareness, promote your infographics. Otherwise, you will end up wasting time and money.

Want to send 60,000+ qualified visitors to your website?

Read this post from start to finish and learn five ways to use effective infographics in your small business marketing strategy.

1. Share your infographics on social media

Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users and attracts 500 million+ users daily. As a business, having a presence on Instagram connects you with customers. Also, you can increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Since Instagram is an image sharing platform, you can share effective infographics snippets. To attract the 60,000+ unique visitors, promote your infographic. Post them at different times during the day.

Don’t forget to include a brilliant caption.

2. Illustrate your landing page with infographics

Landing pages are created for one specific purpose: to increase conversion rates. When a prospect clicks on your Google ad, the landing page is where your prospect lands. By using a landing page, you lower the cost of acquiring a lead.

Highlighting your key takeaways using a bulleted list is not effective.

Instead, use an infographic template. This makes your message visually appealing and visible. You can better illustrate your takeaways and give your audience confidence about converting.

3. Create video infographics

Today, marketers can create video infographics to reach customers. Did you know that more than 500 million hours of videos are watched on Youtube every day? 87% of online marketers use videos to reach a specific audience.

With a video infographic, you can showcase statistics using animated scenes.

4. Use infographics as newsletters

About 80% of newsletter readers spend more time browsing a business website. Newsletters are part of an email marketing campaign. Not only do they have editorial content, but they have appealing headlines too. By designing newsletters, businesses are able to attract new subscribers.

Today, you can use infographics in your newsletters. You can either design an infographic and use it as the newsletters’ center of attraction. Or, you can use brief infographics as part of your newsletter.

5. Use infographics as a slide deck

You can repurpose your infographics into a slide deck and share them. For instance, you can crop the header, footer, and main body. Doing so makes it easy to fit the infographic in your slides.

With a slide deck, you can present social media performance indicators.

Getting started with effective infographics

Effective infographics add value to your marketing strategy. You can opt to use video, static, social media, or PowerPoint infographics. If they are appealing and have useful data, you can convert prospects into customers.

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