The art of translation for small enterprises

If you are running a small enterprise, the concept of localizing your marketing strategy might seem foreign. However, there are numerous benefits, both hidden and obvious that will give you an edge over your competition.

Small business owners normally focus on their immediate needs. These include things such as daily expenses of keeping the business afloat, i.e., overhead costs and their marginal revenues. Most of the time, the business is usually a method of gaining some extra income apart from the main hassle. For this reason, they do not place much focus on the core intricacies of running a business. These involve aggressive marketing strategies such as paying for adverts on television channels, radio stations, print media, and other mainstream marketing techniques.

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Some small-scale traders might use social media for marketing their goods and services to their social networks consisting of friends and relatives, and that is all. They do not bother to embark on the more aggressive strategies. It is rather difficult or unfair to blame them for such strategies. The reason is that their budgets, capital, and resources are usually very limited in nature. They lack the potential to embark on excessively aggressive promotion and business growth strategies.

However, with this kind of business strategy, here are is very little to no potential for future expansion. Such a business will always stagnate at the same level. In the case of depressed economic conditions, these franchises can experience great financial constraints that can even lead to bankruptcy.

In the modern world of internet technologies and instant communication, it is imperative to adopt futureproof business practices that prepare you for unpredictable occurrences. One of them is the adoption of the localization of marketing strategies.

Nowadays, the internet has enabled businesses to access markets far away from their geographic locations. Franchises such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, and eBay can access international markets. Globalization has taken over the business world when it comes to big money. Big corporations are now focusing on expanding beyond the borders of their mother countries and selling their goods and services in international markets.

As such, there is one strategy that has heavily been adopted in the marketing and promotion of goods and services. As stated by Espresso Translations agency, this is called a localized translation.

The essence of localized translation in global business

As such, there is one strategy that has heavily been adopted in the marketing and promotion of goods and services. This is called a localized translation. It is the procedure which a translator uses words and phrases of the target language to translate them into the corresponding phrases and words of another language commonly known as the target language. Remember, translation can either be word-for-word or contextual. Word-to-word translation involves literal translation without considering the context. However, contextual translation is a more appropriate form of translation since it takes account of the situation and the context in which a particular word is used.

For a different culture to appreciate your product, your advert must evoke a strong ethos even while using the vernacular language. You need to succinctly state the benefits of the product or service in a manner the target customer best understands. Otherwise, no matter how much money or time you spend in promotion, there will be little to no effect in terms of the increase in sales volume.

The message within the communication must clearly be understood. This is when the customer will feel a connection with the good or service. He or she will feel appreciated and valued. Likewise, language can be at times dynamic. There are certain ordinary and everyday phrases people use, particularly the young generation. You need to get acquainted with these especially if you want to capture the third market. In most third world countries and emerging markets, the youth are the primary drivers of growth. Therefore, in as much as you want to advertise in the local language, being in touch with the youth is highly necessary.

Advantages of translation while trying to expand a business

The following are the advantages of translating your advertisement message while trying to expand your business:

A more significant grasp of the local market

While conducting business within a specific geographic or administrative region, do not assume that everyone understands English. Though it might be true that English a global language used in instruction and formal communication, there are billions of people who do not speak this language as their first language. For example, the United States of America are a multicultural society. There are many Hispanics who do not speak English. Other ethnicities such as Chinese and Arabs are also present in significant number. Therefore, it is imperative to target your adverts in a manner that multiple cultures and languages are included. This will lead to higher sales volumes. 

Greater expansion internationally

If you are a small franchise that intends to expand to international markets, it would be a wise idea to hire online translation services to translate website features as well as the text that will be embedded within your website. One such place to hire such professionals is This is a company that offers translation services across multiple languages. You can get in touch with them, and they shall provide a translator highly adept in the language you need. They can offer translation services across the major world languages. Their rates are within reach of all business levels. However, if you are very conscious about your budget, you can try a freelance translator. However, this is usually a gamble as there are also many online fraudsters posing as legitimate translators.

Increased revenue

It is complicated for some potential clients to purchase a product they do not understand. Therefore, marketing using a language they can understand will make them more endeared to your product. Once they can clearly understand its benefits, they will be more enthusiastic customers. Furthermore, if you utilize themes, colors, and fonts that resonate with a particular culture, your franchise becomes more attractive to that demographic.

In business, communication is everything regardless of the number of resources or the type of technology you use. Therefore, you should place most of your focus on ensuring that the message is loud and clear.