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HWB Chartered Accountants triumph over UK payroll challenges

As leading Chartered Accountants providing end-to-end support services to mid-market clients, HWB have released the results of their 2019 Payroll Benchmark Survey.

Whilst payroll processing is a complex and time-consuming business-critical activity with many challenges, HWB have proven to defy the pains of payroll by providing an excellent level of service to their clients with their exceptional payroll services.

HWB chartered accountants

The principal pain points for businesses when it comes to payroll processing are the continuous changes in legislation and administrative updates. In fact, the 2017 Global Payroll Complexity Index (GPCI) produced by NGA Human Resources, identified Europe as the most complex payroll region in the world. The UK having one of the most complicated payroll processes.

Results from this report indicate that 65% of UK payroll experts and professionals cite managing legislative, HR and payroll updates as their number one challenge. Whilst 24% remain unaware of the impact of GDPR on payroll; Gender Pay Gap Reporting, Working Time Regulations and IR35 have added to reporting complexity and the rise in payroll parameters.

With the Apprenticeship Levy and Brexit as additional challenges to add to the plate more recently, having a robust payroll system and process in place is critical. With 60% of UK businesses currently outsourcing their payroll companies are looking for experts in the field who can comply with regulations surrounding RTI, HMRC and pension auto-enrolment services.

HWB regularly carry out client satisfaction surveys to ensure they are meeting expectations and achieving an excellent service whilst also offering value for money. In their most recent survey, they have proven to conquer the current payroll challenges and do just this.

Key results from HWB’s survey include:

  • 66% of HWB clients rated their payroll service as excellent.
  • The remaining 34% of HWB clients rated their payroll service as good.
  • Over 90% of clients rated presentation and accuracy as excellent or good.
  • 69% of clients rated speed of delivery as excellent.

Clients commented on the “excellent service”, noting that “nothing is too much trouble despite the last-minute requests”, and that “the work is carried out very efficiently and ensures we comply with HMRC rules”.

“If you are seeking a payroll provider, we recommend that you identify your specific payroll requirements and search for an adviser that delivers everything you need. Your payroll needs will grow proportionate to your business and staff growth, so it’s important to ensure your provider can scale with your needs.” advocates James Alesbury MCIPPdip, Associate Director and Payroll Specialist at HWB.

“Listening to our clients and reviewing and developing our offering helps us to ensure our payroll service continues to deliver on every level. We are set up to manage a payroll function SMEs with specialist knowledge in the latest government legislation.”

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