Streamline your business in two simple steps

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting out on the road to entrepreneurship or whether you are a seasoned veteran, there are always opportunities to streamline your business.

Even though you may have a tried and tested method for your marketing strategy, your payroll, and your accounting doesn’t mean you cannot improve upon this. A business that refuses to change and streamline will eventually fail and be unable to compete with its rivals.


To streamline your business, you first need to look at your business vision. What is it that you want to achieve in the next five years? Once you have answered this question, you can work towards a goal and make all of your streamlining strategies work towards this. Your business plan should already be highlighting the areas for improvement for your venture. Your plan should be a working document, and looked at regularly, not something stuck away in a drawer. Get it out and start looking at the infrastructure of your startup. If you have never considered streamlining before now, take a look at why change is imperative for your business.


With the twenty first century came the dawn of the Internet and social media. The information technology that we now have at our fingertips appears to be developing at a rapid pace. If you buy a laptop tomorrow, the chances are that it can become obsolete in twelve months. The Internet has made the world move at a more speedy pace, and business applications have followed suit. A piece of industry specific software that was used in 2012 may now be seen as old hat and inefficient. Fast forward to today and you will have many software companies chomping at your heels telling you that their latest bit of kit is the most profound application to hit your sector in decades.

Firstly, you need to assess what it is that you need your software to do. Then, you must ensure that any application that you choose achieves this. Don’t get swept up in the sales patter, the promise of a good deal or achingly cool graphics.

Secondly, you need to consider how many applications that you need. With this in mind, you should ensure that you have a system that is capable of sharing information between your different platforms. Head to and you’ll see how expert off site firms can help with IT support services, whether this is troubleshooting or helping to drive your new digital strategy. By moving with the times and becoming more forward thinking, your business will become more efficient and streamlined.


If you keep all of your business functions in-house, then you should consider outsourcing as a way of streamlining your business. By completing all startup duties yourself, you will inevitably hit a function that you have less expertise in than you’d ideally want. This could mean mediocre quality as well as a lot of time and effort wasted on your part. Instead, you should work on maximising the time you have to implement your business vision and plan.

Payroll is a pain and nuisance to do every Thursday afternoon when you could be spending your time networking or responding to customer queries. Instead, outsource to a specialist payroll firm who can complete all of the tedious paperwork for you, calculate all of the tax implications and pension contributions, and pay your employees directly into their bank account. You needn’t worry about human error as these firms tend to use the latest payroll software to mitigate risk. As a result, your company will be more streamlined and your time will be more free to work on other more pressing concerns.

Streamlining your business doesn’t mean outsourcing everything, otherwise, you’ll be left with no money and nothing to do. It’s about knowing your expertise and limitations and spending your money in the most effective way to ensure the highest standards. Outsourcing as explained at is often thought of as a bad concept in entrepreneur circles. However, by outsourcing effectively, you are doing right by your venture.

When you are in the throes of your startup, it can be difficult to work out where the inefficiencies lie. Try to find two key priority areas that you want to streamline. This could be your IT provision, payroll, troubleshooting, paper wastage or meeting times. Whatever it is, formulate a plan to cut the waste. In doing so you will save money, time or effort. Follow this guide and streamline your business in two simple steps.