Understanding casino bonuses to get the best deal

The online casino sector is an area of the gaming business that has grown like no other in recent years.

It has cashed in on the long-standing popularity of traditional casinos, while opening them up to those who might previously have thought they were places for millionaire playboys or professional gamblers. Understanding casino bonuses can lead you to make a profit.

casino bonuses

This growth has been plain for all to see, with new casino sites opening up practically every day. It’s a hugely competitive market and the new entrants are jostling with established operators for market share, offering new members all sorts of tempting deals, such as free spins and generous bonuses.

Money for nothing?

We all know there is no such thing as a free lunch, so if you view these free offers with a degree of cynicism, nobody will blame you. After all, whether it is on Southend sea front, the Las Vegas strip or only online, a casino is a business and it needs to take in more money than it gives out to survive. So what’s the reality behind all this free money that’s being given away, and can you really be in with a chance of a big win at zero financial risk to yourself?  

The answer is a reserved yes, but there are some key questions you need to ask yourself when comparing the most popular online casinos. Remember, with so much competition for your business, it is a buyer’s market, so carefully assess the options and you really could be a winner.

Check the wagering requirement

Some casinos will offer you a bonus deposit when you join, either matching whatever you put into your account, or even providing you an opening stake. This latter is, logically enough, called a no-deposit bonus.

Suppose you take up one of these offers and the casino places £10 in your account. Now obviously, you can’t just withdraw it and spend it in the corner shop, that would hardly be fair. You have to spend it in the casino, perhaps on slots or some video poker. The real question is what happens if you get lucky and convert that £10 into £20 or £100.

Most bonuses come with a wagering requirement attached. This means anything you win has to be ploughed back into the games a set number of times before you can cash it out. No-deposit bonuses typically have a higher wagering requirement than others, so choose wisely. Tempting though they sound, the sort of bonus where the casino doubles your opening deposit usually has more attractive terms and offers the better chance of you walking away with a profit.

Taking advantage of no deposit casino bonuses

Having said that, you should not dismiss no deposit casino bonuses out of hand. While in the long run they might not offer the best mathematical chance of beating the house, they do provide a risk-free way for you to explore a new online casino without making any financial commitment. And with the vast array of options out there, that has to be a good thing.