Boost your profile success with LinkedIn Helper

Automation is a trending term nowadays with the rise of artificial intelligence and technological development. However, it is not reserved for high-tech companies only, as LinkedIn automation tools like LinkedIn Helper become more and more popular.

You can implement LinkedIn Helper to help you out with sending emails and finding connections on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Helper

What is LinkedIn Helper?

LinkedIn Helper is one of the most revolutionary web browser extensions available on the market. It combines the helpful functionalities of extensions like LinkedIn Sales Navigator and LinkedIn Recruiter to provide a wide array of tools, which help you boost your productivity.

LinkedIn Helper is a very useful business development tool, which will enhance the efficiency you work with, as it is designed to save you time. The main function of this extension is to perform tasks automatically, which means that repetitive tasks like inmail campaigns can become totally automated.

What can LinkedIn Helper do for you?

The most important benefit of using LinkedIn Helper is that you can increase the number of your contacts on the platform indefinitely. The extension gives you the ability to prepare a template contact invitation, apply filters and find relevant people who you would like to add as connections. You get the ability to select all of the possible contacts who passed through your filters and send them the template invitation. This means that you can automatically reach out to a large number of possible contacts in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, you have the ability to send automatic messages to anyone who decided to add you as a new LinkedIn contacts, saying a simple thank you for their time.

One of the other main functionalities LinkedIn Helper offers is an automated endorsement system. When you install the extension, you will get the ability to automatically send endorsements to all of your LinkedIn contacts. According to the developers of the extension, between 10 and 30 percent of these automated endorsement requests will be successful.

LinkedIn Helper also allows you to create template messages for groups and group members. You can filter out the groups that you are in, and chose a number of groups or group members in order to send them a pre-prepared inmail. The extension can definitely save you a ton of work if you are in contact with several or more groups.

In order to boost your LinkedIn performance further, LinkedIn Helper allows you to download your contacts list as a CSV file. This means that you can, later on, implement this CSV file into any email campaign you might persue.

Last but not least, LinkedIn Helper allows you to personalize all your messages by attaching your own personal signature to them. This is a great little feature to show everyone you’re inmailing that you have gone through that text and it is specifically written for them. The best thing is you can toggle on this feature by simply clicking on the “Add signature” button before you send all your inmails.

LinkedIn helper is one of the most useful browser extensions on the market, as it combines the functionalities offered by several other products. You get to increase your contact list and send quick and easy inmails to large groups of people. This will definitely aid you if you are currently running a promotional campaign, or are soon going to start one.