Cryptocurrency PR: How to position yourself as a thought leader

Thought leaders are a step ahead of your average online influencer. While influencers have a number of followers on social platforms and can have tangible impacts on purchase decisions, thought leaders are positioned as industry insiders with a long-term perspective and a bird’s eye view of the industry.

People rely on thought leaders to inform them of the latest breakthroughs and critical technical aspects of their niche. In the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, thought leaders can see the next big thing from a mile away and quickly identify emerging scams before anyone else. This form of niche-specific expertise creates a level of trust within the community that could be leveraged to market a new project or promote a key venture.

Cryptocurrency PR

In other words, positioning yourself as a thought leader could elevate your cryptocurrency PR strategy to the next level. Here’s how you can position either the lead developer or founder of your team to thought leadership status:

1. Cultivate a unique voice

The one defining characteristic of any crypto thought leader is the tone. Leaders don’t dilute their personality or eccentricities. Instead, they rely on them to make themselves appear more relatable and affable.

Think of the candid conversations Binance’s Changpeng Zhao has on Twitter or the way Riccardo Spagni (@fluffypony) engages with critics of his Monero project. Cultivating a distinctive online persona is a key part of being a thought leader.

2. Analyze the latest news

Above all else, people turn to thought leaders for legitimate and credible information. They rely on the expert opinions and thorough analysis of people who’ve spent years in the industry or understand complex topics better than anyone else.

The trick to being seen as a thought leader is to offer a legitimately insightful opinion or analysis of the latest news stories in the crypto community. Fairly criticizing bad moves from major companies, explaining new regulations, or deciphering complicated new blockchain developments for the average reader is a hallmark of thought leadership.  

3. Don’t over-promote

Although cryptocurrency PR and promotion is the end goal, too much can damage the thought leader’s brand and dilute the audience’s trust.  The majority of online publication editors say that over-promotion is probably the most common mistake content creators and online contributors make while positioning themselves as experts.

A good rule of thumb is to keep less than 10% of your online activity about directly promoting yourself or your project. The rest must be thoughtful conversation and deep insights distributed to the audience regularly.

4. Reach beyond your circle of competence

Absolutely no one engages in one form of content all the time. It’s easy to lose your audience’s attention by rehashing old arguments and stale opinions. Instead, add conversation about topics unrelated to crypto or blockchain technology. Perhaps share your thoughts on political developments, academic literature, art, or psychology to position yourself as a well-rounded intellectual.

5. Engage other thought leaders

The best way to cement your position as a crypto thought leader is to engage in high-brow public debates or detailed technical conversations with other thought leaders. This magnifies the exposure your brand gets and if you earn the respect of another thought leader it could lead to some interesting partnership or cross-promotional opportunities in the future.