Goals for HR employees to keep focusing on in 2019

Every department of a business needs to ensure that goals are set and reached during the year. For those working in human resources, especially if your objective is to become a manager one day, then there are many things to look out for and prioritise for the good of the company.

We’re midway through the year, which means it’s time for every department to see how they are performing against the goals they set at the end of 2018. In some areas you may be excelling, while in others you are struggling. Ultimately, HR employees should use this opportunity as a mid-year reminder of the objectives to keep in mind going through until December.

Have a strong focus on retention

It’s hard work to hire and train a new employee only to have them jump ship to another job six months later, whereupon you’ll have to repeat the process all over again. Exit interviews are important to find out why someone left, whether it be due to poor salary, lack of training, poor relationship with a manager, or a bad company culture. A high turnover rate can end up costing your company a lot of money, so work on improving the employee experience and retain your talent.

Embrace new software

Being as helpful, efficient and effective as possible is the name of the game when it comes to human resources, but so too is being innovative and adaptable. Sticking to old systems and not working to embrace new technology trends can result in your getting left behind and missing out on great opportunities for streamlining operations. Everything from managing performance, updating staff information and overseeing worktime and attendance can all be improved greatly with different HR software now available. Even the hiring of new employees can be modernised, for instance with Personio’s applicant tracking system to help the recruitment process.

Improving the company image

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always money which employees care about in a job. A workplace that has a reputation for pushing employees to their limits with little focus on retaining a work-life balance is never an enticing prospect for jobseekers. Flexible working time, ability to work remotely, and the opportunity to take part in relaxation and exercise programs at the office are all positive assets which improve a company’s image in the eyes of applicants.

Wage growth over time

It can happen that the longer someone works at a company the less motivated and more complacent they become in their daily tasks. Employees are likely to be incentivised by the prospect of a salary revaluation if their performance stays at a high level and they consistently meet their deadlines and targets. An employee who feels undervalued and disrespected will always look elsewhere and you’ll lose top talent, simply because the purse strings were too tight. Offering corporate discount schemes or the option to earn a few more vacation days can also help to sweeten the deal.

Push for improved diversity in the company

Closing the gender pay gap might be an on-going process, but making a further effort to promote inclusion and increase female and minority representation in the workplace is a must for 2019 and onwards. Not only will this make your office feel like a more welcoming and diverse place, but it will also help to develop your company image as one that is open, modern and celebrates all talent.