Tips to make your business more efficient

From the plant manager to brand manager, the packaging line of your business is a primary focus, and packaging affects many aspects of this, and in addition, the growth of your business.

Cost reduction and increase in revenue can be tied to your businesses packaging and shipping methods. Companies also need to comply with safety and quality standards, and everything from the material to the machine is extremely important to making your business more efficient.

business more efficient

Remove the last-minute decisions

Though easier said than done, it is a common mistake of many businesses to leave decisions about packaging until the end of the production. This can lead businesses to opt for large, expensive designs, due to budget constraints or the lack of time to prepare. Keeping your product packaging at the forefront can make a huge difference long term. Start by itemising the design requirements of the packaging and implement at the beginning. You need to consider important points early on; the cost of the packaging, the space the product needs on the shelf, the information on the packaging and any labelling.

Upgrade machinery

The issues with packaging may be on the packaging line and the machines being used. Though it may require an alteration of the budget, investing in a shrink wrap machine can provide cost reductions in other areas. For instance, you could begin to see a reduced overhead in labour cost as well as a decrease in product damage. These types of improvements are likely to be seen over time but offer small steps into running a more efficient business. In addition to upgrading machinery, making sure they are maintained and kept in the best condition is essential too. Regular inspection is a preventative measure to ensure the machine is consistently working as it should, leading to the longevity of the packaging line. Also, employing a system to report errors keeps productivity at its highest.

Green packaging

Packaging materials have come a long way from the days where only PVC was available, and the best option for product manufacturing. The development of polyolefin materials has made it possible to still have attractive packaging which can be cut, dyed and printed while also being environmentally friendly. Using lightweight, durable films which are recyclable and have a small carbon footprint can reduce shipping costs compared to other materials. What’s more, biodegradable flexible packaging is increasing in popularity with consumers, making an impact on their purchasing decisions. Switching to greener packaging promotes a greener image and promotes corporate responsibility.

Reduce waste

Businesses who want to make some design changes may end up by reducing the waste they produce, and using recyclable materials means the consumer is also reducing waste too. This can include changing to printed packaging rather than labels. Labels are designed and purchased separately, adding to costs and waste. Printing labels directly onto the packaging materials allows you to cut out an entire step of the process and reduce waste and cost. Businesses can also reduce waste with the colouring of packaging too. The colours cost more to print, and black and white imagery can still get the message across. Plastic packaging can also be better recycled when there is less strong colour pigmentation added to it.

Stay aware

No matter the size of the business, it is a good idea to pay attention to changes in the price of the materials you use for packaging. They can fluctuate easily and regularly and will make an impact on how much your business spends on the packaging. Look at the pricing changes of the materials you need and if you have space to store them in bulk; buying materials at their cheapest helps your business stay aware of your packaging costs and keep them within budget. It also helps to work with a reliable and reputable supplier you can trust who will record and monitor the metrics as well as you.

When it comes to streamlining and making your business more efficient, it is important to recognise which components have the most significant impact on this. Packaging is likely one of them, and so it is essential to get started right away to make the necessary changes. Packaging trends are continually developing, and there are several options already on the market to draw inspiration from.