How to generate more engagement for your business on LinkedIn

We all know that Facebook, Instagram and maybe even Snapchat are the top dominators when it comes to social media. But with its Microsoft acquisition, more and more professionals have been logging on to LinkedIn as it quietly builds its own community of up to 500 million users already.

As millennials age and go into the workforce, it wouldn’t be a surprise if LinkedIn would become the most popular social media platform for this generation in the years to come. Being ahead of the trend and actually building networks and relationships for your business through LinkedIn is a bold but smart move to make.

business on LinkedIn

Right now, there are a lot of content on LinkedIn as more and more professionals are likely to share their own thoughts and experiences in the hopes of being an influencer. What’s wrong with this design is that content posted by various users tend to be repetitive, boring and non-engaging. So, what actually are the best practices in order to boost engagement for your business on the platform?

Credibility is key

What does it take to become the most popular social media platform? Start off by being a credible one! The first step to building credibility is by completing every last bit of information on your LinkedIn profile. Did you know that Company Pages with complete profiles actually gain twice as much visitors compared to those with incomplete ones? Boosting page visits with a scraping LinkedIn tool paired with a consistent posting schedule would greatly increase your engagement with potential networks and customers and even build a loyal base of relationship with these people.

Less is more for business on LinkedIn

In our fast-paced world with so much distractions and competition, simplicity is the best practice any business could use when it comes to content-making. With other social media platforms that could easily take away your screen time, long and overbearing content is a sure way to lessen customer engagement for your business.

One of the best strategies to grab user’s attention is to make quick and informative videos. Videos are more relatable and easy to absorb compared to reading a two to five minute long article. More and more people are spending a lot more time on YouTube compared to other social media platforms. It may not be the most popular social media app out there, but it does take a lot of valuable screen time.

It takes two to tango

Making great content that catches user’s attention and engage them is pretty great for any business, but that isn’t the only thing you need to take the cake. To actually build, keep and maintain these connections there’s actually one important most businesses fail to do – to actually ENGAGE. Yes, you got your users talking, commenting, sharing, and reacting. But how long do you think that would last if it’s only a one-way communication? Humans crave for interaction and attention and the best way to actually hook these users is to give the just that.

Let experience do the talking

Sharing articles and re-posting it to gain engagement for your business is just taking the easy way out. In fact, it’s lazy and just not genuine. Building a business means building relationships with customers and networks. Why not make your own content? A good short story will not only catch user’s attention because it is relatable, but it would also bring in engagements and reactions. It’s actually also a very good way to build your brand and introduce it your user’s. Bringing in content relating to experience that most people would easily relate to would also give them a chance to get to know your business’ brand at a deeper level.

280 characters or less

Is Twitter the most popular social media platform available today? We wouldn’t think so. But there’s definitely a reason why it has maintained more than 200 million users since it began in 2006. With people’s attention spans getting shorter, content should also be lessened. This is the reason why short and text-based content are huge the past couple of years for business on LinkedIn. In the age of scrolling on timelines and newsfeeds, short but impactful blurbs or statements might actually create more engagement than detailed and long-telling content.

Brand ambassadors

Credibility doesn’t only rely on what you put on your own Company Page. In fact, it heavily relies on what other people write about you. Getting recommendations is actually a great way to gain engagement. Building relationships with people who recommend your page and maybe even giving them the title of brand ambassadors is a sure way to gain more followers. Not only will it give your business more visits because of connections, but it would also build in gaining potential businesses as these recommendations are testimony that your brand is well-loved and trusted. At the end of the day, it’s all about gaining more connections through trusted peer reviews.

LinkedIn and the road to becoming the most popular social media platform

With its increasing popularity, it’s no surprise that in the next coming years, more and more users would flock to LinkedIn. Because it is geared and catered toward the professionals’ niche, its capabilities, tools and settings are top-notch when it comes to optimizing marketing opportunities in brand building. Generating more engagement for your business on LinkedIn now would give you the opportunity to build a loyal, steady and strong network once it booms.