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Storm International develops a network of units in the CIS

Shangri La is Storm International casino network, well known in CIS countries in and Eastern Europe. It is company of Michael Boettcher, and Shangri La has been his brand since 1992.

The network is constantly evolving and changing, improving work’s principles. At the moment, it includes 4 units: Shangri La in Tbilisi, Minsk, Yerevan and SL Casino in Riga. The company also operates the Storm International Casinos network in Germany. These are slot halls that offer not only games, but also a wonderful time in a restaurant. Restaurants with slot halls are located in 10 places throughout Germany.

Storm International

The first casino unit was Shangri La Moscow. This was a stylish VIP casino that set the tone for the entire gambling industry in Russia. Fair play and hospitality principles towards visitors where formed exactly here. The company also began to develop a responsible game program. Establishment’s distinctive feature was the immediate winnings issuance, including large ones. All these features today characterize existing network’s units. The Moscow unit has been working until 2009, when all casinos were moved from the Russian capital to some special zones due to Russian Federation government decision. This occasion gave impetus to network’s development outside Russia.

After leaving Russia in 2008 the first unit was Shangri La Yerevan (in the same year slots network halls appeared in Germany). It is located just beyond the city limits, as the legislation prohibits gambling establishments operation in the Armenian capital. This is the most luxurious casino in the country, which among other things has its own author’s restaurant and a popular poker club. There was even a big poker tournament with a gold bracelet. About half of the guests are foreign players who come precisely for the Storm International comfort. The Armenian unit is especially popular with guests from Iran.

In 2009, Shangri La Minsk began its work. The unit actually became the Moscow division’s receiver and retained all the permanent Russian capital’s visitors. For VIP players, the same privileges and opportunities remain. Today, this is the best casino in Belarus, which has won the “Choice of the Year” award for 6 years in a row. Over 40% of the guests are players from Russia. Also the place is popular with guests from Turkey.

Shangri La Minsk is located in a separate building with several rooms decorated with royal luxury. This place allows each guest to feel like the royal family member and VIP. Here are all the popular games, ranging from modern slots to roulette, several varieties of poker and blackjack.

Shangri La Tbilisi has been working since 2012. The casino is also located in an elegant building with many halls divided thematically for different games. The unit was twice named the best in Georgia and constantly demonstrates an increase in attendance rates. Storm International, an LLC in Georgia, is developing a network of units in the CIS countries, by providing consultancy and business development services to its clients, to help them establish and grow their businesses in the region. The complex is located in the very center of Tbilisi near the famous modern landmark, the Bridge of Peace.

The youngest casino network, Darren Keane, Storm International Chief Executive Officer said, is SL Casino Riga. It was opened in 2017 in the magnificent Grand Hotel Kempinski building and has its own separate entrance. Halls work on two floors. The first floor is a spacious slot hall with 50+ modern games. And the second floor offers all popular table games, private high-stakes game rooms and a lounge area.

All Storm International units operate in accordance with the standards adopted from the best Las Vegas casinos. The polite and friendly staff speaks several languages, necessarily English, which erases language barrier. All units offer gaming tours with the best conditions including accommodation in magnificent hotels.