What is a white label trading platform?

Every broker who wants to start a business is wondering if it’s better to buy a license for MetaTrader 4 or give preference to a white label trading software. What’s the better decision?

Any entrepreneur wants to make their business as efficient as possible and optimize its expenses. The brokerage market has always been extremely competitive, and it’s often difficult to stand out above the crowd and enhance your reputation. Besides, this particular industry sector is quite high-tech; most transactions are online. If you are focused on long-term business development and want to provide customers with high-quality trading solutions, you need to build a good technical infrastructure with a white label trading platform.

White Label Trading Platform

The first thing a broker needs to think about is choosing a trading platform. This decision will determine the further development of the company and the composition of the necessary technical tools. The undisputed leader among the trading platforms today is MetaTrader from MetaQuotes. About 80% of market players use the MT4 platform. Today it is the most popular, informative and convenient trading platform with many tools and flexible settings.

For a young brokerage company, the ideal solution would be to start with the MetaTrader platform, as it is simple and popular, and it is much easier to attract customers with it than by using lesser-known and unreliable platforms. However, there is a disadvantage: the price of this trading server. It can cost you about 75K$. In addition, server maintenance will still have to pay at least $180-200K a year.

It is not always reasonable to invest such funds in the trading software, because there are ways to optimize this item of expenditure and send funds to other areas. One of the methods is the buying of white label trading software, which allows minimizing infrastructure costs significantly and, at the same time, obtaining full-fledged functionality for efficient and productive work. In short, the meaning of a white label is to provide all the necessary “stuffing” so that the client company can effectively work in the market under its own brand.

The benefits of using a WL start-up company amount to tens and even thousands of dollars, since there is no need for serious infrastructure investments. The broker simply pays the provider company some commission, as a rule, proceeding from the results of the trading volume (the more – the cheaper).

The specificity of choosing a suitable white label provider consists of finding a supplier of truly reliable and efficient tools on the most favorable terms. Almost all large brokerage companies offer WL programs, so making the right choice is sometimes extremely difficult.

It is best to choose an independent technology provider and purchase WL from them, as such companies are often truly customer-oriented and much more loyal in the matter of pricing. It allows you to build a business in the field of online trading under your own brand.

By cooperating with a white label trading platform, you get a number of advantages:

  • Cost saving due to the absence of the cost for the purchase of software licenses;
  • The possibility of the full development of its own brand;
  • Full financial and legal independence;
  • Flexible terms of cooperation.

Becoming a partner, you get full access to the ready technical solutions and support, and such cooperation gives you an opportunity to grow your business and not worry about technical issues. Using a white label trading platform will save you resources and increase your profit if launching a new product. After all, who doesn’t want to get more while cutting their IT budget!