Easy ways to promote your business effectively

Business sustainability relies on the acquisition of new customers and your ability to build a loyal customer base.

The first step to attracting and retaining customers is to make your products/services known. Luckily, today, there are several options when it comes to promoting a business. Using both offline and online marketing strategies is crucial to the survival of any business, especially given such competitive markets. Here are a few simple ways to help promote your business:


Embrace social media

Nearly everyone uses social media, which is why it’s a great medium to promote your business. But first, you need to choose the right platform for your business and avoid taking a one-size-fits-all approach. For instance, use your Facebook page to include ads and offers, LinkedIn for networking both at a personal and company level, or Instagram if your business is visual with beautiful products and make the most of your compelling images. Other social media marketing platforms include Twitter, Reddit, Google Plus, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. It’s important to have an active social media presence to let people know what products/services you provide, as well as connect with potential customers.

SEO your company website

Your business’s site is of no use if potential customers can’t find it in the search engines. Doing some search engine optimisation (SEO) will help increase the amount of traffic that goes to your site, which in turn increases visibility and hopefully sales. Be sure to follow all the best practices to ensure your business website comes up on the first page. This includes updating your site regularly with keyword-rich content and building quality backlinks to your site, among other things.

Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard

Owning a company car is becoming a necessity for most businesses as it helps to make deliveries and to transport clients and employees, among other uses. Thanks to the many financing options, acquiring a company car –either though the business or personally – has never been easier. Be sure to compare deals on your company’s van though before settling on a funding option. Having the phone number or logo of a business on the company car is another easy way to promote your business. Think of all the people who see your company vehicle when it’s driven around!

Sponsor relevant events

Sponsoring an event related to your business or helping a good cause can get you free publicity. As part of the sponsorship, event organisers will let you become a speaker at the event. Use that opportunity to raise awareness about your products or services. Alternatively, organisers can offer to get your business name on all the promotional information or allow you to give away branded items at the event, which is still a great way to get your business’s name out there.

Affiliate programs

In addition to doing promotions yourself, it helps to enlist other people to help generate leads for you in return for a commission on sales. This is referred to as affiliate marketing. It’s a performance-based system, meaning you only pay when sales are made. With so many popular affiliate channels available for your business to use, you don’t have to waste time finding affiliates yourself.