10 things every good business website needs

Getting your business website right is absolutely vital.

In the modern world, most of us head to Google and search for a business before we even consider enquiring about their goods or services, and if the website looks unprofessional and poorly-maintained, the chances are that we’re going to move on and find somebody else to provide them. A good business website is essential to make the best first impression on new and existing customers.

good business website

However, getting your website right is pretty hard. What does a good business website need, and how can you go about implementing it? Here are 10 things that every good business website should have.

#1: A good domain name

Let’s be honest here, your customers or clients are going to want to see that you uphold a professional standard online, and this starts with the name of the website that they see. If you’ve cut corners and opted for a poor quality domain name, people are going to think that your business in general will provide a poor service. Go for a .com or domain name, and make it as professional as possible.

#2: Optimised images

If your images aren’t optimised, you’re going to have some issues with your website. Primarily, it will take forever to load, and it may lead some people to believe that there is an issue with spam on your site. Optimise your images for ultimate ease of use for your customers, and you’ll soon see how much more professional your website actually looks, and how quickly it now loads, as a result.

#3: An ‘about us’ page

Most people who visit your site want to know who they’re actually dealing with. Has your business been passed down through the generations, or is it something that you set up because you wanted to really make a difference? Who are you, and what do you want to do for your customers? Showing this makes your business relatable and human, and customers will be glad to see that side of things.

#4: A contact form

OK, so you could put your contact details on your business site if you wanted to, and it is a good idea. However, people who are simply trying to get in touch with you don’t want to scroll through your entire website trying to find how to reach out. In fact, you should be making this as easy as you possibly can for your potential customers, by providing a contact form for them to get in touch with your team directly, so look into this!

#5: Some good reviews

As consumers, we really like to see reviews and testimonials from others. In fact, it can be what makes or breaks our purchase with a company; if plenty of other people are saying that your business isn’t very professional, then there are going to be alarm bells set off for your potential buyers. Get all of your reviews and testimonials together, and showcase some of the best ones you have on your site.

#6: High-quality website copy

The first thing that people will do on your website is read your copy, and it needs to be engaging. The idea is to get people hooked on your content, so that they carry on reading and looking at your services. If you have the most boring copy ever, people are soon going to move onto another site. Find out why website copy is so important, and be sure to use it well in your business if you want to succeed.

#7: A great layout

Website design is everything, and if it simply isn’t up to scratch, then your site could be difficult for your customers to navigate. Ensure that you’ve got the professionals in to do your website, and you haven’t just tried to throw something together yourself that simply doesn’t look good. Then, make sure that the design is modern, easy-to-use, and professional enough that you’re willing to put your brand name to it.

#8: Well organised content

OK, so having good content is super important. However, it’s also important that you arrange it in an easily digestible manner, as people who will be scanning your site simply won’t have the time or the inclination to read through loads of stuff. Break it up into small parts, and don’t put too much information together. If you do, it will be wasted, as the chances of people reading it are pretty slim!

#9: A blog using SEO

If you don’t have a blog on your website, then why not? SEO is something that every business should be making the most out of, and it’s not as difficult as you think. Simply find out what keywords are needed to make your website rank, and make sure that you include them in some of the articles that you write. In no time, you will find that you’re making it up to the first pages of those search engines.

#10: Recent updates

If you want to make sure that your potential customers see your website as having any legitimacy, then you need to keep it updated. Be sure that your site always reflects the current services that you’re offering in your actual business, and keep posting on the blog when you can. It may seem like a small thing now, but in the long-run, it tells people that you’re very much still open for business.

Extra tip: A call to action is also an important part of any website. Telling your customers what they can do next is a good push in the right direction, and if nothing else, it opens up more enquiries for your business. Think about what each page is actually trying to achieve, and draw up your call to action based upon these things!


If you’re a business owner with a track record of underperforming websites, then keep these things in mind. Sure, nailing your business site can be difficult, but if you have the right know-how, you’ll soon be on the way to drawing people in with your website marketing, and it’s certainly a worthwhile endeavour. Good luck, and enjoy your online success!