How to make your email look professional?

Despite a wide range of different digital channels and social media networks created for online communication, email still remains one of the most convenient ones.

Due to its convenience, the modern companies use email not only for communication but also for marketing, and it brings great results if used correctly.

email look professional

Although it is widely used, many people are still unfamiliar with the basic rules of email communication, which leads to many unpleasant consequences. First of all, incorrect business communication can harm your reputation and brand. It can also cost you customers and make you look unprofessional among your colleagues. Follow the tips provided below to avoid this and make each message you send look professional!

1. Don’t underestimate the importance of the subject line

One thing you definitely don’t want to do is underestimate the importance of the subject line or, even worse, leave it empty. To look professional, you have to make the most of your subject line. A subject line is a preview for the message you send. Its goal is to catch the recipient’s attention and make him want to read what you’ve got to say. Therefore, it is important to use it wisely. Make it concise, straight to the point, and engaging.

2. Brand it

If you are striving to increase your brand’s awareness, your messages should also be branded. Start with creating your own domain to help people recognize you faster. Add your logo and customize the design of your messages to your brand’s style. All of this will help you deliver unique, appealing, and professional-looking emails.

3. Use email signatures to your benefit

Unfortunately, the significance of email signature for business is often being underrated to no purpose. In fact, it is an important component of your corporate identity and here is why:


Having a well-designed and consistent corporate signature contributes to a more professional look of every message you or your employees send. It helps your brand to make a good first impression both on your customers and partners and helps maintain a good company’s reputation. Finally, it helps your recipients learn who you are on a professional level.

Brand recognition

Recognition and brand awareness are highly important to every business. If your company is recognized by people, you are more likely to gain their trust and loyalty, meaning your business is more likely to be successful and using a branded email signature is a good opportunity to raise brand awareness!

With a good signature, every message you send helps people get to know your brand better, makes them more engaged, and increases the chances that they will reply to you.

4. Timeliness is the key to effectiveness

Although many of us tend to put off important things, you have to keep in mind that procrastination kills your productivity and makes you look unprofessional. Regardless of whom you are responding to, be it a colleague, partner or customer, you have to deliver your response the same day. Even if you don’t have a specific answer or need time to think through the offer or claim you received, at least notify a person that you have received his or her message. Make it a habit and your emails will look way more professional.

5. Use consistent fonts

When it comes to business communication, it is not a good idea to use too many different fonts or choose a too fancy one. To look professional, it is best to keep things simple.

6. Keep it simple

Simplicity and good organization are the key points of every professional message. We recommend focusing on a single idea or question to avoid misunderstanding and always get a quick response.

The organization is not less important. Instead of sending plain text, try to organize it efficiently – highlight the key things or use bullet points where it’s necessary and your messages will look more professional.

7. Don’t neglect proofreading

Nothing can make your emails look more unprofessional that lots of typos and mistakes. It is vital to proofread each message before it is delivered because once you click the button “send”, you can’t take it back! In order not to look incompetent or illiterate, be sure to read the texts before sending or use special grammar checkers.