Why you could be eligible for timeshare compensation

If you’re unhappy with your timeshare, it’s time to seek legal advice from a timeshare solicitor; you may have a case for a timeshare compensation claim.

Purchasing a timeshare can seem like an idyllic opportunity; you get to own your own little piece of paradise, and enjoy exotic holidays every year – what’s not to love? Well, quite a lot actually, if you’re one of the unlucky timeshare owners who finds that what they were promised is a far cry from their actual experience. You might be able to claim timeshare compensation.


For far too many owners, buying and owning a timeshare can be a frustrating, disappointing and expensive business, and they feel trapped in a contract that they no longer want to be a part of. If that’s the case for you, it’s time to seek the advice of timeshare specialist solicitors.

Falling for the hard sell

All too often, people who buy a timeshare are victims of the ‘hard sell’. Lured to a presentation with the promise of a free spa treatment or round of golf, these holidaymakers often experience high pressure sales tactics and exit the meeting as timeshare owners. This approach means that people are not given the chance to read the contract thoroughly, or to carefully assess the pros and cons of timeshare ownership.

False promises

Along with these hard sell tactics inevitably come false promises. Potential customers are frequently told that buying a timeshare is an investment and that they will easily find a buyer when it’s time to sell up. Unfortunately, both of these statements are untrue. Timeshares are notoriously difficult to sell on and the majority of owners end up making a loss on their ‘investment’.

Unfair contracts

Another big issue with timeshares is the prevalence of unfair contracts. A key example of this is the ‘in perpetuity’ contract that ties you in for life or for at least 50 years. Another is the ‘floating weeks’ contract whereby you purchase a non-specific week at the resort.  This sounds like it offers more flexibility, but in reality, it can mean that you struggle to book the property when you want to use it. In addition, timeshare contracts often contain hidden charges, such as maintenance fees, which are subject to annual increases, so buyers who fail to read the small print can end up facing unexpected costs.

Launching a timeshare claim

If you have experienced any of the above problems, you could have a case for a timeshare compensation claim. However, it’s not always a straightforward process so, before you jump in it’s always best to seek the advice of a legal expert who specialises in this area.

A timeshare solicitor will be able to guide you through the legal process, providing you with impartial advice, assessing the viability of the claim and discussing the advantages and disadvantages of proceeding with legal action.

Unfortunately, there are lots of unscrupulous companies out there who are only too happy to prey on desperate timeshare owners who are looking to escape their contract – so be careful not to mistake these for legal specialists. Beware of any cold callers – if you get a phone call out of the blue offering to handle your timeshare claim, be on high alert for a potential scam and only proceed after receiving bona fide legal advice.

By seeking the services of a specialist timeshare solicitor, you can hopefully resolve your issues and escape your unwanted timeshare contract sooner rather than later.