Your new business: How to attract new customers

When it comes to start-ups, we don’t need to delve into the statistics too much. The results are damning, and an alarming number fail in their first year.

One of the big reasons behind this is because of a lack of new customers. Companies spend huge amounts of money trying to attract new customers, but it’s a difficult (and expensive) process.

attract new customers

Today’s guide is going to take a look at some of the strategies that you can take advantage of, in a bid to prevent your new business becoming one of the dreaded statistics we spoke about.

Have an SEO-first approach

Google might be showing more adverts above its organic results, but don’t for a moment think that SEO isn’t worth your effort. Let’s not forget that more and more people are using search engines, meaning that the potential benefits for your business are only on the rise. Furthermore, hiring an SEO Expert could boost your rankings and teach you some important SEO guidelines even if using SEO services for just a few months.

There are plenty of things that you can do yourself to boost your search engine rankings, but for quicker results we would urge consulting a professional like Daniel Foley SEO specialist.

The PPC conundrum

We’ve called it a conundrum as in truth, PPC isn’t as “easy” as it once was. It has completely flown with demand, meaning that those once efficient CPCs are actually quite expensive.

Nevertheless, it is a very fast way to accelerate traffic to your website. Admittedly, you are going to be paying through the nose for your clicks, but if it’s a short-term measure to gain some brand exposure it’s certainly a method that can help. Not only that, but you can combine it with your SEO efforts to see which meta titles and descriptions are performing the best as well.

The new kid on the block: Social media

OK, it might not be that new anymore, but in comparison to the previous two tactics there’s no doubt that social media marketing is still quite fresh in the industry.

Having the ability to specifically target such specialised segments is something that can help new, local businesses immensely. Unfortunately, the costs can be high for this sort of targeting, but the general argument is that you are much more likely to convert these customers anyway.

There’s nothing wrong with an offline approach

Following on from all of the above, you don’t need to be put off trying an offline-only approach to attract new customers.

Sure, online marketing is grabbing all of the headlines, but don’t think that offline is dead just yet.

Handing out leaflets might not be a fashionable way to drum up business, but if you can turn to this approach in bulk you might be surprised at some of the results you yield. Of course, you don’t have to limit your offline approach to leaflets either. Business cards can work a treat, while some companies will even hold local events to get their name out there.

As unfashionable as it might be, offline marketing does still exist and can leverage really good results for those businesses who perhaps have lower budgets.