5 easy-to-use design hacks to spice up your social media graphics

Humans by nature tend to perceive information through visuals more quickly and easily.

Everyday people get bombarded with advertisements. But, only a few are capable to hold the audience attention. High quality graphics can be the difference between a fleeting glance and an engaged reader.

social media graphics

Need to know what makes a design stand out?

The secret lies in how effectively you use the elements needed to make a good design.

Be it color, size, shape, contrast or typefaces you use. It’s on you how you unleash the creativity. 


A good design to your social media graphics can maximize your audience reach. Also, it helps you create more loyal followers.

Top-tier branding agencies for instance, LogoOrbit have tirelessly focused on creating graphic designs that helped them stay competitive in the digital landscape.

The good part is you can also do it.

By figuring out some practicable yet easy-to-implement design hacks that can transform the way you go about designing the graphics to make your branding game strong.

In this post, I’m going to reveal 5 viable design hacks that will help you power up your social media graphic designs.

Focus on contrast

Want to spice up your social media graphics? Effective contrast is the solution to creating a powerful social media graphic that gets more likes and shares.

More social media engagement more leads. That’s how it works. You have to create designs that are high-tech and alluring. If you do not focus on contrast in your design, your graphics become cluttered.

Here’s how you can make the most effective contrast.

  • Contrast with shapes. For example, symmetrical shapes vs. asymmetrical shapes.
  • Contrast with colors. For example, light colors vs. dark colors.
  • Contrast with sizes. For example, bigger design vs. smaller design.

With these contrast you can make your social media graphics powerful enough boost to brand awareness. And eventually increased conversion rate. 

Find right typefaces

Mastering the art of typography can take your design to the next level. Choosing the right font or the blend of different fonts is an art. It’s where designers get a tough time to analyze what works best.

Be it a logo design or any other graphic design, typography plays a huge role in bringing your social media graphics back to life. Not every typeface you find is for every design medium you are focusing on. 

You have to select the font that can boost the vitality of your social media graphics. As it influence your design enough to trigger how your audience is perceiving the intended message.

Here are few tips for you.

  • Always aim for readability when selecting fonts.
  • Don’t use more than three typefaces in a design.
  • Select font size that blends well with the platform.
  • Serif fonts = Good for print.
  • Sans-serif = Good for web.

Make use of brand’s color

Deciding on colors for any of your social media design is a nerve-wracking process. Colors are versatile enough to stimulate audience emotions.

You must not only focus on aligning color combinations. Instead, you should be focusing on choosing colors that compliments your brand personality.

Here’s the tip.

Understand the color theory first and then implement colors that deliver your brand’s story creatively. Make sure you know which colors evokes a certain sense of feeling so as to implement accordingly.

Here’s the quick rundown.

Red = Danger, Passion & Excitement

Orange = Youthful, Adventurous & Fresh

Yellow = Cheerful, Optimistic & Happy

Green = Vitality, Natural & Prestige

Blue = Trustworthy, Communicative & Depressed

Purple = Royal, Mysterious & Spiritual

White = Purity, Minimalism & Innocence

Once you get clear about the color psychology you’ll be able to use it effectively to power up your design efforts.

Focus on visual hierarchy

When designing graphics for your social media you have to take care of multiple elements. And to deliver the exact value you might need to work with all elements.

Maintaining a visual hierarchy allows you to ensure you do not miss out on the most important elements that needs to come first.

To effectively utilize the visual hierarchy in your design process, you first need to have a clear understanding of your branding goals. And what you aspire to convey through your visual designs.

The takeaway here is to.

Keep the most important elements in visibly clear fonts. As it will highlight why you are the best fit for your audience needs.

Aim for consistent branding

Consistency in creating graphics for social media is essential to power up brand awareness. However, it doesn’t mean you should create the same designs on all your targeted social channels.

You just need to maintain consistency to harmonize your branding efforts.  Although it’s challenging to keep consistency throughout your design process. But, you can get it done if you strategize your visuals. 

Here’s how you can aim for consistent branding.

To integrate your branding efforts, decide on the fonts, colors and style of images that will be portraying your brand image.

Also, create custom templates for promotions, new exciting offers and special discounts.

This will allow your audience to feel connected with your brand. Moreover, it will enable followers to increase interactivity with your brand.

Hence, resulting in increased social media engagement and improved ROI. 


Good design is vital to drive profitable social media marketing results.

Need to entice people towards your brand?

Just because a specific design appeals to your eye doesn’t mean it will boom with your audience too.

Finding the viable design tips that work is the only way to seize your audience’s attention. Also, to keep their stare long enough to deliver your message.

By using the five design hacks for your social media graphics in this post, you’ll get the chance to make your brand get the competitive edge.

You’ll be able to increase brand recognition and social engagement.

And eventually have a dominant brand with a loyal customer base.

What design hacks have you used to attract your audience to maximize shares?