Easy methods of spreading your business name

It’s often easy to think that the only worthwhile method of spreading your business name is through a tight and carefully scripted advertisement.

In said advertisement, we likely wish to convey just how smart, dependable, quality, reliable and worthwhile we are. As someone hoping to market their business, that’s always a wise place to start. However, it’s not always needed. Sometimes, a simple description, contact information or even reminding a consumer that your company exists can ensure your business is considered when business name might not have come up.

business name

There’s a reason companies spend millions of pounds hiring out placeholders at the side of football stadiums. There’s a reason very short sponsorship mentions are played before some television programmes. Often, simply making a customer aware of your presence can help them think of you first when they might need something you offer. You don’t always need to present a thesis on why your company is worthwhile for this kind of name spreading to be effective.

But how to best spread your business name within that format? Well, it could be easier than you might have thought. Let us consider why, and how this could make a difference.


Merch and freebies can be a great way of showing your business name to the world. You just need to ensure it’s something people will actually use. T-shirts are often an amazing means of achieving this straight off, because people will often wear them, potentially repeatedly, potentially for years. Baseball caps can also work this way. Of course, you need to be careful about how you present your branded goods. A branded tie, for example, will likely never be worn.

Freebies can often travel far and wide, too. There is a reason that IKEA offer branded pencils to anyone walking around hoping to fill in their order sheet or make notes. It’s because they know you will use them, and that they will travel far from the store. Keychains made to order could potentially be on a keychain, holding everything together, for years upon years. For these reasons, we would recommend looking in this area.

Attending events

Often, the simple ease of attending a business event gives way to how excellent the response can be. Spreading your business name can be achieved through showcasing something cool that your business does. It could allow people to see you in the flesh, and thus have a more substantial memory of you. This can also be a great place to network.


Sponsoring television programmes, sporting initiatives, charitable affairs, influencers, and a range of other content houses could potentially help you gain a shout out before whatever entertainment or excellent event takes place. Not only can you use this as a form of advertising, but you can also divert some of your budget to a good cause, or perhaps build a relationship with someone who has a useful and targeted following.

With these tips, you’re certain to spread your business name effectively.