Investors are leaving the stock market behind for Forex trades – the whys

The Forex market has benefited from a boost in appeal over the last few years, and there are many important factors that have contributed to its success.

As someone who is constantly on the lookout for the best investment opportunities, adopting the right strategies and spotting promising possibilities on time is necessary for Forex trades.

Forex trades

The stock market gives you the chance to accumulate wealth and gain financial advantages, but making the best decisions isn’t always easy, and the monetary gains involved usually take some time too actually become accessible.

If stocks aren’t longer satisfying your needs, and you are interested in exploring other markets, and enriching your investment portfolio, you should certainly direct your attention to Forex trades. Upon research, you will discover how many stocks investors have actually resumed their activities in that specific field, and have started focusing entirely on Forex.

You may be wondering what has driven this level of popularity to Forex. The following aspects can clarify that for you:

Earning potential

You couldn’t possibly discuss about the benefits of Forex investments without addressing the monetary aspect first. The reason why you have chosen an investment path in the first place is to build wealth, and you will be impressed to discover just how much you can make with Forex trading.

According to statistics, dozens of currencies are being traded daily, and the turnover of this market reaches around 5 billion each day. The great earning potential involved has made out of Forex the largest and most liquid financial market out there.

Because there is such a small space left for manipulation, you have a virtually endless variety of earning possibilities. If you want to earn from trading, it’s only natural for you to give up on stock investments in favour of Forex or combine these two investment tactics.


The ease of access this market ensures is certainly not an aspect you can neglect. The availability characteristics of Forex have persuaded many to choose it, even people who might not have carried out any other type of investments in the past.

In comparison with the stock market, you don’t have to deal with time limitations. The market is open 24 hours a day, which means you can engage in trades during the hours that are most favourable to your schedule. Combining Forex trades with other activities will be possible, and you can make the most of all your professional activities.

Financial organizations need to be open for clients all over the world, so naturally, when time zone issues interfere, new solutions are being presented. As long as you have found yourself a reliable Forex broker UK, you can begin trading at any time of the day, whether its 2 pm or at 2 am.


With just a simple search online, you can come across accurate and up-to-date news on foreign currencies. Before you actually decide to invest money in a specific Forex trade, analysing the behaviour of currency value increases and decreases is possible. This aspect gives the Forex market an unmatched level of transparency. Everyone can find out details on the current status of any foreign currency as long as they have Internet access. You can analyse the data and make informed choices, something that is a bit more difficult with stock trades. 


Getting as much as 500:1 leverage – this sounds like an impossible goal, considering that in the stock market you can get somewhere around 2:1. Well, in Forex, potential leverage is higher than you have expected. This gives you the freedom to control a large amount of money with just a small portion of your own capital.

Diversify risk

When you are investing money, it’s normal to want to maintain your risks to minimum. What does that mean? Having the freedom to invest exactly the amount you want, without any restrictions. The Forex market is highly advantageous in this department. You can even invest less than 100 dollars, so financial protection will be ensured throughout your trades, if you have an investment budget and actually stick to it. While small investments naturally mean smaller profit, until you get to know the market a bit better, it’s safer to limit your trade spending.

Transaction costs – No commissions

One of the issues stock investors confront themselves with is finding a broker that is reliable and doesn’t charge expensive fees. With Forex, on the other hand, you won’t have to worry about using a broker that will later take an unreasonable cut out of your profit, because there are no commissions involved here.

Forex brokers gain their earnings through bid/ask spread, and although you should inform yourself on a broker’s spread before trading with them, you won’t longer have to deal with transaction costs.

Do your homework!

Now that you know why Forex is the ideal market for investments, you should also understand what approach you need to pursue here. While trading Forex isn’t as complicated as investing in stock, you still need to acquire an appropriate level of understanding.

Proper research is demanded before you invest any of your money in a trade. You’ll need to follow some basic steps first:

  • Learn the terms used during trades – get to know the Forex lingo.
  • Check reviews of reliable brokers – you want to trade through a broker that is reliable, so finding the most popular options available is a priority.
  • Start small – don’t invest too much money from the start. Keep yourself grounded until you actually get the hang of Forex trades.
  • Continue learning – stay updated on currency news around the globe.

Whether you are an entrepreneur with a rich background in the world of business, or you’ve been a stock investor for a couple of years, if you have a bit of business and investment knowledge, it’s impossible not to notice the appealing potential of the forex market. These are the determining factors that explain why so many investors have switched from stocks to Forex, and why you should consider doing the same.