Live streaming and video marketing is the modern way: Embrace them

In a digital world engulfed in text for discovering all of the information that the internet was built to share, a huge portion of the online population turns to videos and live streaming for entertainment and as their preferred method of quickly attaining information.

From the now discontinued Vine to live streaming in gaming and the viewing of sporting events online, people have come to associate online videos as the easier and more often than not, entertaining way to consume content. Articles cannot match the ease of watching a video or the communal and interactive feel of watching a live stream, and it appears as though consumers seek them out.

live streaming

The statistics related to video marketing are phenomenal, with video projected to account for over 80 per cent of all web traffic this year. Adding videos to marketing emails can see a rise of click-through rates by up to 300 per cent, and video embeds on landing pages see a conversion rate increase of 80 per cent. With 90 per cent of customers stating that viewing a product video helps their purchase decision-making process and 87 per cent of digital marketing strategies from online marketers featuring video content, it’s clear that the medium is the modern way of reaching and connecting to customers.

So, how has video content and live streaming been used successfully, and why should you aim to incorporate them into your strategies?

Successful deployment of video content

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the pioneering industries in the use of video content is the gaming industry. However, what might come as a surprise is the manner in which video content has been used. One of the most successful forms of video marketing in gaming is Nintendo’s regular online presentation, Nintendo Direct.

Despite the nature of the games being showcased, the Nintendo Directs take a very corporate-like form with the presenter being professional and straightforward with the audience. They will also often feature short segments from developers behind the scenes, promoting Nintendo’s image further. Gamers adore the format and the content of Nintendo Direct, and there’s very little doubt that these regular bits of video content are a component behind the success of their most recent console and line of games.

While the video presentations have been live streamed, such as at major events like E3, one of the more inventive uses of live streaming is in the games. Live streaming offers an enhanced level of social interaction with the product or service, which is why the live casino games at the online casino have become so popular. They go beyond the standard use of a game and bring an immersive yet convenient experience in which people can enjoy real-time interactions with the dealer, other players, and play the game for longer.

Why should you deploy video content strategies?

The true strength of video content lies in its ability to relay information through visuals and audio, which is much easier to remember than text-based content. Live streaming can bolster the benefits of video content even further as they include the additional benefit of the audience being able to interact in real time with the video host. It has been found that a successful live stream will consist of real-time interactions with viewers, be of good video quality, and be consistent in its focus.

Another key element alluded to before is that the live stream or video presentations can showcase products and services while also offering business transparency. A growing concern among customers is business transparency particularly with regards to ethics and environmentalism; a live stream which highlights these elements in real time or a video presentation which showcases a business’ efforts can help to alleviate many of these concerns. Transparency is more important than ever in modern business, especially as so many companies arise through crowdfunding, which has earned some distrust recently due to run away companies.

Embrace video content to connect with your customers and give them an easier and more enjoyable way of understanding your ethos and products.