Ideas for planning a successful charity raffle

For great supporter engagement and quick fundraising of money in an organization, a charity lottery comes in handy. It’s a successful way of generating income and even raising profits for your charity. Then again, setting up a raffle is easy and affordable.

However, you need to have a proper plan in place to ensure the charity raffle kicks off on the right foot and actually meets all your financial goals. But how do you do this? How do you launch a successful online charity lottery campaign? You need ideas.

charity raffle

What you need to launch a successful charity raffle campaign

If you’re like most people, you’d first want to know whether you need a license to run a charity lottery. The simple answer is yes and no. There’s no straight or simple answer to this question.

Because it depends on the charity lottery you plan to set up. Some raffles are paid for and others are not. Then again, there are a plethora of charity raffles you can set up. So make sure you know the type of raffle that suits your marketing strategy before you get a license.

It’s important, however, to check with the gambling commission first for any licensing queries you may have. For the most common license for running a charity lottery is the Small Society Lottery License.

Armed with a license, you need to create a campaign plan for your charity raffle. This is the most integral part of your planning a successful charity lottery campaign because it sets clear the mission of the lottery, financial targets you intend to reach, and your financial goals.

Online or offline raffle: Which one do you prefer?

Once you’ve secured a license for your raffle, and created a marketing plan, the next thing is to choose the right platform for your charity lottery.

Do you want to run your raffle online or offline? Also, how big or small of an audience are you targeting? Deciding on a good setting to launch your lottery will greatly impact supporter engagement and the amount of funds raised. Remember, first impressions matter a great deal.

But having a good setting for your raffle is half the journey. You need content for your raffle campaign, and not just any kind of content but engaging and easy-to-understand content. Research well your materials before presenting in the raffle content.

Then finally, work on promoting your charity lottery online. The market is awash with diverse online marketing tools and strategies designed for great supporter engagement including email marketing, blogging, social media, online advertisement, etc.

Having great content and a presentable charity lottery or raffle is half the battle.  You need your campaign to engage users online and reach a wider audience. This is only possible if you employ the right online marketing tools, and strategies.