How European dropshipping specialists will benefit online sellers post-Brexit

Shipping, particularly internationally, is one of the biggest concerns all small businesses have when they begin selling their products online. Whether its clothes, accessories, home décor, or anything else, being shipped – inventory management and shipping can be one of the biggest headaches.

Fortunately, companies such as Printful specialise in Europe dropshipping via their European distribution and fulfilment centre. This allows small businesses to ship their products all over Europe for a fraction of the cost, and with absolutely none of the stress.

European dropshipping

How dropshipping works

Dropshipping works, simply, by fulfilling the orders made through your eCommerce store. A virtual storefront is connected to your dropshipping partner’s system, when an order is made through your store your dropshipping partner is automatically provided the details of the order instantly.

They then pick the order from their warehouse, or custom print it if necessary, before the product is packed in your branded packaging and shipped off to the customer. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to handle any inventory or deal with any shipping – simply maintain your online storefront.

You pay for the service as a small percentage of sales made and fulfilled via the service. When you consider the fact that using a dropshipping service means that you don’t need to store any physical inventory or invest in shipping, it makes a sensible option, particularly for newer businesses.

Forgetting border worries

Shipping items across borders has the potential for difficulty and delay at the best of times, which is amplified by the current uncertainty around Brexit. With no secure deal, or lack thereof, in place, it’s difficult to understand what shipping throughout Europe is going to look like for British businesses selling to Europe, or European businesses selling to Britain.

You can bypass this Brexit uncertainty altogether with a European dropshipping specialist, however. The distribution centre is located in Europe, so even though your store may be British, the products themselves are actually stored and shipped from within Europe.

This means that potential delays, difficulties, and unexpected costs aren’t going to be a consideration – allowing your online business to grow more rapidly.

Making shipping easy

Using a dropshipping service is the way to make shipping as hassle-free as possible. When you work with a partner, such as Printful, they handle everything for you. They store the merchandise, they pack it for shipping, then they ship it – it’s as easy as that.