How to know if your business is ready for its own premises

Starting an online business is something that many of us have dreamed of doing at some point.

Since having a business that can be run from home or wherever we have an internet connection is able to provide us with the ability to make money on our own terms and without having to apply for crazy business loans or rent an expensive business premises.

business premises

In fact, having an online business is something that can be set around our own lifestyles and needs, so that we can make money on our own terms and have more freedom and flexibility in our lives, so in this post I’m going to give a list of some tried and tested online business ideas that can be done from home.


Freelancing is probably one of the best and easiest ways to start a business online without any overheads or hassle. All that’s really needed to get set up as a freelancer is a good service that can really help people or other business owners, such as by offering copywriting services, digital marketing services, consulting services, or even admin services. There are really endless ways that freelancing can be used to build a great business, and there’s certainly no right or wrong option to choose from.


For anyone who’s ever wanted to start their own online store, but wasn’t able to because of the lack of funds to get it started as well as the lack of a premises to get all the stuff stored before it’s sold, then dropshipping is the perfect solution that basically allows people to sell products from their website without ever having to touch any stock and then pass that information to the supplier who ships the order to the customer.

Affiliate marketing

For anyone looking for a very hands-off business where they want to make a bit of money without having to spend too much time managing things, then affiliate marketing is a great way to go. Affiliate marketing works by recommending the products and services of other people and then receiving a commission each time someone clicks on a click at no cost to them. An example of how people do this is through starting a blog around a niche topic, for example solo travel or commercial cleaning products, and then they create content around that to drive people back to the links and get them to take actions like visit Steamaster through the link that they promote.

Selling physical products

Physical products are absolutely still a thing that people can create a successful from selling, and the great thing is this can still be done online with very little in the way of start up costs thanks to marketplace sites such as eBay and Etsy. These products are often handmade, so although they do take a good amount of work to get set up, the effort is definitely worth it.

We hope that this post was helpful in providing some useful ideas in how to start a business from home without having to go into debt, get your own business premises, or do any of the things that were once required in order to start a business.