Despite changing tech, traditional games are as popular as ever

We are constantly being reminded of how technology is changing the way we live our lives and run our businesses. Whether those changes are good, bad or a mixture of the two might be something on which there is more debate than consensus, but the change itself is undeniable. 

It is something that is felt particularly strongly in the leisure sector. For years now, society has been bemoaning the fact that kids spend too much time in front of screens instead of being out following healthy, traditional pursuits. But let’s be honest, in this age of mobile streaming and online gaming, that is a criticism that could be levelled at people of all ages with traditional games on the downturn.

traditional games

However, for all that, there are some games that have been around for generations and yet are as popular – or even more so – today in the internet age. 


Games don’t get much more traditional than this. The famous wheel and ball first started to capture the imagination back in the French drawing rooms and parlours of those carefree days prior to the revolution. By the late 20th century, roulette was starting to look a little bit old hat, but the arrival of the online casino age has propelled it back into the limelight. Sites are finding ways to make sure interest stays high –for example, CasinoEuro offers different variations of online roulette, including European, American and even live gaming versions with a real dealer. 


Love it or loathe it, Monopoly is the archetypal board game, and conjures up images of families sitting around the table together during a simpler age. Sales of the board game are as strong as ever, and unlike roulette, attempts to digitise the experience have yet to really gain traction or a significant following. That’s not to say the game has stood still, however. While the traditional version with the car, the Scottie dog and Mayfair for £400 is still wildly popular, there are dozens of variants with different properties and symbols, creating a more bespoke offering for today’s more discerning buyers. 


From one extreme to another? Scrabble is another popular board game that has been around for years, but where Monopoly has struggled to make the transition to online play, the Scrabble-inspired Words With Friends is the app that has brought social gaming to the masses. Like Scrabble, it has the kudos of being seen as more than a game, but as something that will improve vocabulary in younger players and keep the synapses in good working order for more mature ones. 


You could substitute any number of card games here, but poker is probably the one that has enjoyed the biggest renaissance of them all. Simple versions of video poker can be played for free and have brought the game to a wider audience than ever. Meanwhile at the other end of the spectrum, professional poker tournaments attract TV coverage and multi million dollar prize pots. Its change of profile is such that there is even talk of poker becoming an Olympic event