How to boost your health business reputation online

If you are running a medical business, chances are that you are looking for compliant ways of boosting your reputation on the internet.

You need to be aware of the latest GDPR regulations related to patient confidentiality, and make sure that you are not making claims that are unfounded or not based on evidence. However, digital marketing and branding should be a part of your overall health business strategy. Below you will find a few tips on how to make online channels help you build a strong health business brand.

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Social media branding

Branding is often mistaken for marketing. If you try to just sell on social media, you will not succeed. Branding’s main purpose is to create a positive association with your company and communicate your values and mission. It is not a place to try to sell different things, or to talk about your competition. To make your brand stand out, you will need to have a consistent social media branding strategy that is consistent. If you are unable to manage your accounts yourself, you might want to engage with a social media marketing expert who can take care of your branding. 

Review sites

It is important that you focus on your reputation outside of your own social media accounts and website, too. If you have an admin team, you can get them to check the different review and rating sites, as well as your Facebook pages. You should always encourage your patients and customers to leave you a review, and this will boost your search engine rankings, as well as your reputation. People are now trusting online reviews almost as much as their friends’ recommendation, and health is a trust based business. 

Press releases

If you would like to instantly raise your profile, you might need to engage with a professional copywriter who will create press releases that will be picked up by other sites and even online editions of magazines. This will help you appear more professional and better positioned. Talk about your achievements, your next step in your business, your investment in new technology, or your charity event, so you can make your brand stand out and be remembered. 

Case studies

When it comes to being credible, being specific is crucial. You need to make the most out of your reach, and talk about what really matters for your customers. For this, you might need to conduct market research and get to know who your potential patients are, and what is holding them back from contacting you and enquiring about your service. Case studies or white papers can easily be turned into an infographic design that will help you get more social media followers and shares. 

Customer video testimonials

Having patient reviews is great, but you can take it to the next level and ask them to leave you a video review. This can be one of the most effective branding tools you will ever use. For example, you can ask them about the service and the professionalism of your staff. 

Behind the scenes videos

No matter if you are in the dental or medical supply industry, your potential business partners and your patients will want to know how you work. Not to mention that people are nosey. Orthopedics companies, for example, can talk about their latest software and results, tell patients what to expect at the first meeting and what the purpose of a general assessment is. This will gain their trust and answer some of the questions they are too scared to ask. Videos will do amazing on social media, as well as on YouTube, giving your brand more visibility. 

Doctor profiles

If you would like to showcase the expertise of your medical team, you might want to create doctor profiles on your website and share them on your social media and other pages. People want to know that they are in the right hands, when it comes to their health. You can create trust and assure them that you are the best medical company to look after them. While this is not marketing per se, it should be a part of your branding and marketing strategy. 

There are loads of regulations surrounding the medical profession that make marketing tricky. Your greatest challenge will be to overcome patients’ reservations and gain their trust. Building a strong and reputable brand will help you make the special emotional connection that might be missing from your marketing strategy.