The importance of good website content goes forgotten, and people often get into the loop of uploading unnecessary and lousy quality items to their sites. This should be avoided at all costs.

Having good website content is crucial for any website to be successful. ‘You’re not going to hit the mark with ranking on search engines if your content is failing to hit a certain standard. Of course, the design of your website is also essential in making a good lasting impression on the visitors you receive, but the content of the site is what will keep them returning.

good website content

Meta data and titles

Often an underrated part of website content and design is the importance of proper meta tags and catchy titles. However, websites have previously relied only on this to help encourage Google to rank their sites highly in search results for specific keywords. Search engines use to rely on the content within these unique tags because it was much quicker and more comfortable for them to process, and although ‘it’s not the only way they rank pages now it should still be considered an essential factor. 

Interesting, original and relevant content

Something that you should never forget is that your customers need a reason to keep visiting your site. Although people seem to be glued to their phones nowadays, they still have limited time online and therefore need something interesting to draw them away from Facebook or Twitter. ‘It’s therefore essential that you have original content much like Stoplight’s blog post but also to vary the content regularly to keep people interested and hopefully entice visitors to come back to your site over and over. You should also bear in mind how often you post; there is no simple answer to this other than make sure you’re consistent. You ‘shouldn’t be posting one thing one week, nothing for three weeks and then post three things the following week. Try to set a schedule


A decent amount of time should be put into researching the ideal keywords that are going to resonate with your customers. It is essential for making sure your content appears highly in searches. Search engines look for keywords within your website content to determine what the page is all about. Keywords are a massive part of SEO, and any business owner with an online presence will understand that this is the key to being successful online. Using the right keywords and in the right places on a site can boost it up to the search engine rankings, but be wary, if you are considered to be overusing a keyword, you can be penalized, so ‘don’t ”over stuff” your content. You don’t always have to be the person responsible for your content or SEO if ‘you’re worried that you ‘can’t create content up to the standard or are going miss out on potential SEO keywords you can always outsource for someone to take a professional look at it for you


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