A junkware is an unwanted software. Some types of junkware includes spyware, adware, bloatware, malware and spyware. Thes malicious software if present on your computer can limit its performance. Adware show pop up ads, while some other adware install browser toolbars that you do not need, and some can even change homepage of the browser. Having an effective junkware removal tool is important for you to enjoy your computer without any unwanted intrusions. Ordinarily adware are created just to earn money, but these days, they serve as an avenue for scamware and dangerous malware from gaining access to your computer. They usually gain access to your computer when you download free files from unknown sources. It is almost impossible for one not to be tempted to get files from this type of source. However, below are the best junkware removal tools fully equipped to tackle junkwares of 2019.

Junkware Removal Tool

Junkware Removal Tool by Thisisu is a free security tool for Windows systems. This software is capable of searching for and removing adware, any intrusive toolbar that may have been downloaded because of an adware being present, and every other unwanted programs. Junkware Removal Tool is very easy to use, and can remove a long list of adwares and intrusive tool bars. You do not have to install this software on your PC, as you can use it to remove junkware from an external storage device. An easy to use interface that is clutter free will let both beginner and professional users perform their junkware removal tasks.

Download Junkware Removal Tool to enjoy removal of adware/intrusive toolbars like Ask Toolbar, Babylon, Blekko, Claro, DealPly, Findgala, MyPC Backup, WhiteSmoke and so much more. This freeware leaves a really small footprint on your computer.

Junkware Removal Tool download  can be gotten from  reliable sources and it will enable you to enjoy a smooth computer experience.

Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool

Bitdefender is very popular for having a strong antivirus tool that is used by several antivirus software. This shows that Bitdefender does not like anything that makes your computer not to run as efficiently as it can. They have designed Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool to remove different types of adware, and intrusive software. Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool is integrated in the premium security suite of Bitdefender, but it can also be accessed free of charge as an independent junkware removal software.

Bitdefender Adware Removal tool is very easy to use for both amateur and professional users. It easily detects and cleans every adware and intrusive software that it is located on your computer.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

This software can run as a portable app for solving your malware and adware infestation problems. Emsisoft Emergency Kit does not require any installation just like Junkware Removal tool. The program can be launched from an external storage device. Its 591MB footprint tends to generate logfiles and this may slow down the performance of your computer. The best option is to use it from an external storage device. This software has a database of current threats, and will require the PC to be connected to the internet to enable it check for recent updates.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit is a potent adware, junkware and malware removal tool. Emsisoft Emergency Kit requires an internet connection to eliminate all the threats it finds.


This software is a very reliable security tool. HitmanPro is one of the highest rated adware, junkware and malware removal tool on the market. It is also fully equipped to handle viral threats, in addition to its malware, adware protection functionality. HitmanPro will deeply scan and detect every unwanted program that is hiding in your PC and hindering its performance.


Best of all, HitmanPro has a behaviour detection technology that can detect malware that are not included in its database. Use HitmanPro and you are guaranteed of being protected against malware, adware and other unwanted software.

Zemana AntiMalware

This is the last software on this list, but that does not make it the least best. Zemana AntiMalware is fully equipped to aggressively tackle all forms of adware. This cloud based AntiMalware software has multiple Anti-Virus scanning for cloud accounts.

Zemana AntiMalware is also very effective in removing adware that other software here find hard to remove.

Hopefully one of the software described above will be suitable for you if you are looking for protection against intrusive adware and junkware. Download one of them and you are automatically guaranteed strong protection, and threat recognition, which will effectively optimize the performance of your computer.