How to effectively manage multiple social media accounts

Social media platforms have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. People use their personal accounts to socialize and also do business promotions.

There are those who are comfortable having only one or two accounts while others opt to operate multiple accounts. Having many accounts is not necessarily a bad thing as long as you need all of them. However, the art of managing each one of them should be mastered to avoid common mistakes. Some people are good enough to manage their own accounts while others outsource expert services in doing the same. If you choose the former, below are tips on how to manage your multiple social media accounts:

multiple social media

Get a management software

Technology has made work easier in almost all the aspects of life. There are Software that you can use to manage your accounts easily and effectively. Sometimes you may need to post the same content in all your accounts. It can be very hectic to move from one account to another on different platforms. This social media management Software enables you to do the posting at once in all your accounts. You only need to create the content then engage the Software. At the click of a button all your followers can view the same content on different accounts all at a go. This saves you time and energy so that you move on to do something else. Social media tool like Mass Planner is one of the tools that have been of help to social media users with multiple accounts.

Have a calendar

An editorial calendar will keep you posted on any gaps that come up in your accounts updates. You can have it in your management Software or share it with your team. Sometimes people get really busy and they tend to abandon some of their accounts. To avoid this, you can create a calendar that will issue reminders and updates on the available opportunities. Managing multiple social media accounts requires consistency. Since you have followers on all the accounts and different platforms, it is good to keep all of them up to speed. This way you will not have dormant accounts or some that are outdated especially if you use them for business purposes.

Create a strategy document

When you have many people helping you to manage your accounts, sometimes it is a challenge to keep have all of them on the same page. One way to help the situation is by documenting your social media strategy and circulate it to all of them. It can include the necessary procedures, policies and also a guide on the styles of doing things. Let each of your team members know what is your goals are for every account and know how to collaborate with the others. This makes it easier to achieve the different goals and keep your vision alive since you can refer.

Do a strategy analysis

Analyzing your strategies does not mean that you do not believe in them but rather that you want them to produce the best results. Make a habit to analyze you strategy regularly and read into the results produced by different accounts. Know how each account is doing and what needs to change or improve. In doing such an analysis, you may even realize that you do not need some of the accounts you have been operating. You can always re-strategize to achieve the best results possible.

Engage and keep monitoring

Managing business social media accounts requires maximum collaboration from the team members. This is to avoid duplication of information and unnecessary delays especially in accounts that offer customer support. For instance, if a query has been handled by one individual, then it adds No value for another person to handle the same unless the customer was dissatisfied. The bottom line is having a monitoring and engagement procedure to avoid clashes.

Final thoughts

The decision to have multiple social media accounts should be made after a proper analysis of individual needs. Even though managing many accounts can be hectic, it is definitely doable and there are ways to make it less of a headache. You can start off by following the tips discussed here as you research on many more.