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How to transfer funds to an online poker room

Millions of people play online poker these days. When you get to play your favorite game right from the comfort of your couch, what’s there not to like about it.

If you are someone interested in playing online poker but don’t know how to make a deposit in an online poker room then this article is exactly what you need.

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Transferring funds to an online poker room

These days most of the major online poker rooms offer a range of diverse options that you can use to deposit funds. Most of the players go for the simplest option of transferring funds with a credit card. You also have the option of direct bank transfer or wire transfer and these days e-wallets are also supported. But for players from the U.S.A, it might prove to be a bit tricky. The problem is that a new U.S legislation has banned banks and credit card companies to deal with online poker rooms. We will advise you to try transferring funds through your credit card but chances are slim to none. Nevertheless, it’s not impossible to transfer funds to an online poker room.

Your best option, in case you are not able to transfer funds from your credit card, is to use a reliable e-wallet. E-wallets are digital wallets. First, you transfer funds from your bank account to your e-wallet and then from your e-wallet to the online poker room of your choice. Right now there is no such legislation barring e-wallet companies from dealing with online poker rooms so be assured that this method is guaranteed to work.

What amount should you transfer

This varies from individual to individual. You need to ask yourself two questions. What stakes am I going to play and what’s the motivation behind playing online poker? For example, if you are not a regular and serious poker player and have decided to play online poker just for the purpose of recreation or entertainment then we would advise you to try your hand with less than a hundred dollars. You can find dozens of sit n go tournaments and low cash tournaments yo participate in. If you are a skilled player then you will be able to double or triple the original deposited amount. However, if you are someone who wants to be a professional online poker player then the minimum amount you should start with can be somewhere around 250 dollars. It’s not going to be easy and you certainly can’t win every game. Consider this option only if you have the backup and patience required to play this game professionally.

How to withdraw your winnings from an online poker room

For those living in the U.S.A, the best option is to withdraw your winnings with a cheque. You will be required to provide your identity proof before you can make a withdrawal. This is common to all players irrespective of their country of residence. For those living in countries other than the United States, all other transfer options mentioned earlier are available.