10 interior decorating trends on the way out

Trends come and go, and home décor trends are no exception.

Many once-popular styles are becoming less desirable by homeowners. Here a few of the decorating trends that are out for 2019.

decorating trends

1. Minimalism

Getting rid of all clutter was the style, but people are coming to realise that extreme minimalism isn’t sustainable. Instead, homeowners want to include more items that reflect their style and personality.

2. All white

White walls and the furniture was all the rage, but now it’s one of the top decorating trends that are out. People are looking for something that feels more inviting. A white room seems sterile and uneasy. Darker, warmer colours are popping up everywhere.

3. Edison bulbs

Many people enjoyed the industrial look of the Edison bulb. However, it’s not the ideal style for many families. Pendant lights and wall sconces with softer, more eco-friendly bulbs are becoming increasingly popular.

4. Gold and brass

If all of your fixtures match, you may be due for an upgrade. Instead of only buying gold or brass accessories, mixing metals is the way to go. Consider adding a chrome faucet to accompany your gold-rimmed mirror.

5. Expensive accessories

Homeowners like the ability to change their style with the season. That’s why fewer are buying expensive accessories for their homes. Even pricier pieces of furniture are going out of style. People enjoy splurging on more affordable options that they can replace without a second thought.

6. Plants everywhere

The idea of turning the inside of your home into a greenhouse is no longer fashionable. While plants are still a part of many homes’ décor, most homeowners are leaving their green thumb for the garden. If you still want some green inside, consider adding a small succulent that requires very little care.

7. Word art

People have favourite quotes and sayings, but you’ll no longer find them posted on their falls. Fancy word art is not selling as much as it once did. More substantial paintings or family photos are replacing it. If you still want to live by a particular saying, consider putting it in a journal instead.

8. Subway tiles

Small, white subway tiles were the mainstay for kitchen backsplashes across the UK for many years. But many designers suspect you’ll see less of them in the future. More homeowners want to include colourful elements to their kitchen designs, and the backsplash is the perfect place to begin. Bold tiles and mosaic patterns are making a comeback.

9. Accent walls

If you have one wall in every room painted a bold colour, it may be time for a fresh coat of paint. When it comes to decorating trends that are out, accent walls are high on the list. Instead of making the focal point a wall, designers foresee homeowners putting the focus on decorative accessories. The next time you decide to paint, consider choosing one cohesive colour for the entire room.

10. Cherry wood

While rich cherry wood cabinets were once highly sought after, many homeowners are looking for something with a bit more personality. Expect to see cabinets in an array of colours, including blues, greys, and greens.