4 amazing resources to help you learn PR

Whether you’re a start up without the budget to bring in an expert or you’re genuinely interested in learning about it, teaching yourself PR can offer a lot to your business.

Media relations opens you up to a world of opportunities, from placing content and comment for brand mentions and links (to aid SEO) to helping you to reach new audiences with key messages. Learn PR and you can boost your business.

learn PR

But where do you even get started learning PR when so many of the pros have so much experience behind them?

Well, we’re great advocates of the idea that anyone can learn anything. So here are some amazing places to get started:

Journolink’s 5 minute PR lessons

A free sign up gets you PR lessons direct to your inbox from Journolink. Sign up at

Of course we’re not suggesting you could do the job of an agency after just 5 minutes a day for a few days! But this is a solid starting point with other resources like templates and similar available for download as well.

This is one recommended for the absolute beginners or the start ups looking to take control of their own PR.

Free events and meetups

Eventbrite and are full to the brim with PR events including lots of free ones. Narrow the search down to the area you’re interested in, use “PR” as the keyword and search  away.

This is a stellar way to not only learn from pros, but to network with them too. Ask questions, swap skills and pick one another’s brains. But there’s little as valuable when learning a new skill as spending time with those who’ve spent years mastering it already.

Oxford home study free PR short course

A solid introduction to PR, this course is for those at the beginning of the journey and is perhaps more formal than many of the resources you might find on blogs and similar.

However, if you need the basic foundations first, then this is an excellent place to begin.

The Muckrack Blog

The main benefit of a blog is the fact the content is so up to date (assuming the blog is active). Academic course material can date quickly in a landscape that shifts as quickly as the marketing one. But blogs tend to move with the times. And one of our favourites for keeping up to date with all things PR is the Muckrack Blog.

Learning PR

It won’t be easy to learn PR and some will find they take to it more naturally than others. But you can learn the basics of anything yourself these days thanks to a realm of resources at the click of a button.

Practice. Implement what you absorb through theoretical learning, measure the results and learn.

Have fun doing so.