5 potential problems you face as a freelancer

The majority of full time employees will turn their noses up at the thought of being freelance. With less financial security and unpredictable working hours, a lot of people are not allured by the freelance work.

Keeping your work private and protected isn’t as easy when you’re operating as a freelancer too, but it isn’t all bad. You have to be realistic about the risks, but you should never write it off as an impossibility for you. If you have been considering going freelance, it is good to be aware of the potential problems you might face.


1. Protection from an established company

When you work for a larger corporation you can rely on their high tech security privacy and protection to make sure your hard work doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. As a freelancer, you will need to organise this yourself with a Free VPN Download. This ensures your personal data is protected and you are safe even when you are browsing the internet in a communal business working area.

2. Work perks

Working for a big company brings about a lot of work perks such as insurances, discounts and other special offers. When you are a freelancer you will have to get by without the support of your employer. Some employers do offer some benefits to their freelancers so make sure you investigate this before you take on any work.

3. No sick pay

Taking a day off work when you are sick is quite normal for most 9-5 workers, but that doesn’t fly in the freelance world. You can’t always afford to take a day off when you’re sick, so you need to be aware that you will only ever get paid for the work you actually carry out.

4. Limited vacation time

If going on regular holidays is important to you then you might want to reconsider becoming freelance. You can often find it difficult to switch off as a freelancer, but you can take a vacation whenever you like. Although the freedom is there, you might struggle with guilt when you aren’t actively working. 

5. Unreliable cash flow

As a freelancer you don’t always know where your next paycheck is going to come from. You need to be on the ball with your finances, because you can’t rely on a regular salary. As long as you plan ahead, you will be able to balance your cash flow eventually. Hiring an accountant will help you to asses your income, outgoing and potential taxes.

Don’t let these potential problems put you off from pursuing a freelance career. Although you might face some struggles along the way, there are a number of benefits to working for yourself. The flexibility of being freelance is excellent and you will always feel motivated to find your next job. Admittedly, freelancing isn’t for everybody, but you will soon discover whether you’re a good fit for this lifestyle. Assess the downsides and acknowledge the advantages and you will soon know whether a freelance career might be right for you.