How to recruit the best talent

Building a team that is productive and effective in completing tasks without the need for micro management has always been the ideal when looking to recruit.

Discovering new talent is not easy. Here we look at how to recruit the best talent in this changing market.


A shift in the labour market

The labour market has changed and so has the recruitment process. Gone are official office hours and 9 to 5 desk jobs. Instead of the modern day workforce work from everywhere and anywhere. As long as there is Wi-Fi and a computer, most people can make sure to meet deadlines and conduct meetings. 

Standard practise these days is having colleagues, not in the next cubicle but sometimes even as far as continents away. The golden rule of business is freedom with responsibility and having a freelance position is no longer something uncertain, it is the norm. Ergo, the recruitment business has changed as well in order to meet the demands of the market.

Platforms such as, for instance, has made it their business to connect highly skilled technology experts with different companies that need their expertise. This way of conducting recruitment is the best way to match talent and opportunities as the labour market is ever changing and employees have a tendency to either work several jobs at the same time or simply change jobs frequently. Since recruitment is time-consuming and will mean some financial burden to the company seeking to hire, engaging with companies whose sole purpose it is to find perfect matches between employees and employers is a wise economic decision. 

Evening out the playing field

To be able to follow the demands of the market, regardless of which industry or sector a company is involved in, it is necessary to change the way a company engages with the labour market and the way recruitments are carried out.

Even though it is still the employers market, at least for now, in many parts of the world, the labour force is growing in strength and numbers. Meaning that it is no longer simply up to the employer to state criteria for hiring as well as drafting rules of engagement. As of late the labour force has risen and are now demanding things in return.

Company values, environmental policies and being able to work from home are for instance important aspects when discussing new employment. Where previously just the thought of the employment itself would be enough to convince someone to apply for a job, now, there are demands from both sides, effectively evening out the playing field. That is way platforms connecting talent and places of employment are gaining such a strong foothold from the recruitment perspective. It increases the opportunity for a good match having already made sure that there are a certain number of positive common denominators. Of course, personal opinion will still way in, in the final decision when looking to recruit but a lot of the work has already been done.

Maximizing opportunities

Changes within the labour market and the recruitment business are happening at speed and companies are sometimes struggling to keep up. That is why using platforms such as the one mentioned here is wise, both from a financial perspective but also from a time-efficiency one. Using services that are aimed at finding the best match between employer and employee where positive common denominators have already been established are a great way of maximizing a company’s profits as well as making sure that the right talent is matched with the best opportunity for growth.