Most useful apps for buying a house

As a result of the ever-adapting world of technology, there are countless mobile applications easily available at our fingertips that will assist with simplifying basically every aspect of our daily lives.

While there are useful apps that will locate top-rated nearby attractions to simplify the task of finding suitable places to eat and even your favourite places to shop, technology has also been at work to innovate the process of purchasing properties.

useful apps buying a house

However, apps are not the only great product of technology that improves the experience of buying your first home as there are several great platforms, such as that offer the convenience of locating and comparing mortgage deals for you. Here are a few of the most useful apps that you can take advantage of to make buying a house as effortless as possible.


Rightmove is an extremely useful app for home hunting and it is also possibly one of the most popular mobile application as it serves as a great portal for locating properties. The convenience of house hunting on your smartphone is not the only this app is so incredibly popular as added features allow users to determine nearby schools and discover various additional aspects of properties that make selecting the most appropriate property pleasingly simple. As there are a few things that you should always check before settling on a property, this app will prove extremely useful for narrowing down your search.


Once you have successfully purchased the home of your dreams, moving to a new area may create a certain amount of challenging confusion with regards to locating restaurants, shops, and even ATMs. Luckily, this innovative app will ensure that you are never lost as it will help you locate nearby amenities and provide useful maps that will help you get there and back to your new home. Even though this app can be specifically useful for finding your way after you have moved to a new location, it is highly likely that you will remain loyal to all that it offers in terms of finding your way to where you need to be. 

Mortgage calculator apps

There are quite a few different apps available that will help you calculate your mortgage costs. Most first time buyers are reliant on the approval of a mortgage loan, which means that you may need assistance with establishing just how much you would realistically be able to afford for a property. These financial calculators are extremely important as they will help you determine a budget that will essentially help you select the most suitable property.

Design planning apps

Mobile applications such as Room Planner are undeniably useful for first time home buyers that are likely not skilled at laying out a functional design plan for their homes. While it is actually harder than you may realize to imagine how your chosen home will look after you have moved in, these types of apps will help create a clear image of what you can expect. As these apps help you to plan out the interior design for your first home, you will most likely find it extremely useful in terms of colour coordinating and placing furniture in the most functional places.