7 productivity boosting devices for your employees

Getting the most effective productivity from your employees means you get the most from your business.

Choosing the right employees is where the whole process begins. If you can select hard-working, dedicated and passionate workers for your organisation then you are certainly headed in the right direction for success in whatever industry or niche you are in. Devices can be a way to reward your employees with new tech and make them more productive.

employee devices

You need to encourage and motivate your employees too as your relationship with them and their relationship with you and your business grows. Providing ongoing training to ensure that they are up to speed in the latest developments of your systems or the technology you use is vital to success.

You can boost your employee’s productivity considerably by providing them with the right tools to allow them to do their jobs more efficiently. Here are 7 devices that you can use to boost your employees output and streamline processes:


Tablets are incredibly versatile devices and are being used widely in an increasing number of industries. By being connected to the internet with a large screen and without the often unwieldy size of a laptop, tablets are a great way for employees to stay productive while they are away from the office.

Tablets tend to be easy to use. They can be the same size as laptop screens but much more mobile, so answering emails on the train or in the airport is not a problem. The larger screens help to look at images or diagrams and give a bigger picture than a mobile phone.

Mobile phones

What would the world be like without mobile phones? Providing mobile phones to your employees means they are always contactable by you, by clients and by potential future customers.

Mobile phones also give access to social media. Your social media manager can answer queries quickly, ensuring that you have exceptional customer service and quick response times.

Your employees also need time to relax and unwind from the pressures of day to day work. Mobile phones allow your to download some of the best mobile casinos to play some games in your break times. Mobile games can take your mind away from work for a few minutes whilst keeping your brain active to get straight back to work.


Laptops provide an office on the go. Employees can access reports and documents that they need and can easily amend change or email them as they go. Laptops are becoming increasingly smaller, lighter and more feature-packed; a must for any employee who travels a lot.

Quality headsets

These are useful for the office or for on the go – a quality headset with microphone is a great way to increase your employees productivity. A good headset means that they can hear your customer perfectly so there is no need for repetition of information. Also, a good headset for mobile devices keeps employees hands free so they can be typing or writing as they talk.

Digital storage

Whether you opt for a device with larger memory such as an external hard drive or something smaller and more portable like a USB pen drive. Having portable storage is essential for employees to transfer files on the go.

Desk clock/watch

This one might seem obvious but it is often overlooked by employers. Having a clock displayed in the office will keep employees on track in terms of time frames for tasks. A watch was often regarded as a great retirement present but maybe you should consider it as a ‘welcome to the company’ gift instead!


Wearable’s are the most up to the minute device when it comes to boosting employee productivity. Depending on the device they can carry out a wide range of actions including monitoring posture, translating brain activity into action and gathering motion data.

They are also great for measuring movement. Keeping your employees healthy is the best way to keep your business productive. Using devices to monitor activity can let you know if employees need a break to go for a walk and re-energise.