5 hot trends in video marketing: What can be done?

As mobile devices become the go to option for consumers entertainment, the requirement for video has not only increased, but changed.

Advertising and product placement blurs the lines into entertainment and forward thinking brands are realizing they can become information and entertainment hubs if they make carefully honed content. The options of what can be done in video marketing are mapped out below.

video marketing

Video is going live

Facebook brought live video to the masses in 2015, and Twitch has been allowing gamers to live stream their screens to their fans since 2014. Live video creates a sense of urgency to consumers, making them think they can join in and watch now or never (when the video is almost always saved for future viewing) and, more often than not, was pre-recorded a replayed to create the perfect live video without any of the challenges or slip ups broadcasting live brings.

Product placement

Product placement in video is no longer about showing a product and hoping it spurs an increase in sales, there are now new conversion actions for users to take and for marketers to measure on certain video platforms. Instagram and Snap ads allow advertisers to highlight specific products to swipe or tap to shop and view online. This means consumers can watch their favourite influencers and then shop to buy similar fashion and gadgets at the click of a button.

Animation is taking over

Professionally shot and edited video is great, but also has its limitations. Animation is taking over for a lot of video marketing campaigns and online videos. Animation can peek into places video cannot – such as a cross section of a machine or electronic device, and it as it can be easier for a business to convey the exact tone and message they want without multiple takes and shoots. Animation creation is often a lot quicker than video production and businesses enjoy video marketing campaigns without the need to feature camera shy staff or paid actors.


The latest smartphones are some of the most powerful devices we’ve ever wielded in our hands, and augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are now available to everyone were previously only reserved for those with the most expensive computer systems. Marketers are now leveraging AR and VR to give consumers experiences they will remember. From virtual tours to the lucrative Pokemon Go App and other real world experiences such as the augmented reality treasure hunts and trails – virtual reality creates a memorable experience that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Know your platform

While many videos are shot once and reused across multiple platforms there are a number of features and peculiarities to take advantage of across certain platforms. YouTube advertisements may be skippable after 5 seconds – some marketers attempt to share their message in this time while others attempt to capture your attention and make you less likely to skip. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will all autoplay your videos but they may be muted – subtitles or prompts to ask a user to use sound can help increase viewership and engagement. Investing time creating different video marketing campaigns for different platforms can really pay off if executed correctly. Experimenting with different approaches can be proven beneficial sometimes. Youtube users always run after monetization and that is a possible reason to look for growth solutions like Promolta or other alternative tools.

6 out of 10 people would rather watch video online according to Google and Insivia found that Mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. Video marketing and advertising is only going to get bigger, and if your business hasn’t already launched their first video marketing campaign now is the time to start.

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