5 benefits to using the correct safety signage in a workplace

Safety signs in a workplace exist as a method of communicating hazards and warnings to an employer in order to keep them safe.

Without safety signage there would be no way of knowing what warnings and hazards there are in the workplace, and how to prevent dangerous situations from happening.

safety signage

If obeying the law isn’t a big enough reason to ensure the correct signage is displayed in your workplace, then here are five other benefits as to why you need to reassess your current safety signs:

1. Decrease in accidents at work

The stats taken from HSE over on this Label Source blog show exactly how many injuries had taken place in a workplace during the years 2017/18, and no doubt that some of these could have been stopped by workplaces if only they had the correct signage up.

Safety is one of the most important parts of a workplace and ensuring that your workers don’t get injured should be one of your highest priorities.

2. Boosts safety consciousness amongst employees

If there are signs dotted around the workplace, then employers will pay more attention to what they should be doing, what they should be wearing and the consequences  of not doing things carefully.

This will naturally reiterate point number one, but of course, it will boost the safety consciousness amongst the workforce and be a constant reminder of what should be done, what should be worn and how to behave, should they forget.

3. Reduces employer’s responsibilities

Safety signs in no way ensure that the workplace will be an accident-free zone, as accidents can still happen as a result of negligence. However, having safety signs means employers  may not be responsible for the accidents that happen, as workers have been given a warning about how to behave and what to be wary of.

4. Highlights necessary information

The signage around the workplace gives workers the vital information they need to be able to work in a safe environment. If they get confused about how to act, or what to wear for example, in a specific working environment, all they’d need to do is check the signage near.

5. Fewer workplace pay-outs

If someone does injure themselves in the workplace, and there are no signs up, then the responsibility will lie in your hands and the employee could sue the company for a lot of money. However, if there are signs placed and it can be proven that the injury resulted in a result of negligence and not obeying the instructions, then the chances are, with the correct employment lawyer, that the company may not be liable for the injury.

Having the correct work signage up can prevent a lot of court cases coming the company’s way, and save the company from paying out hefty fees.

If you think that your office, or place of work is lacking in professional signage, then get in touch with a professional signage making company such as Label Source, who will be able to advise on what signage you need around the workplace.