How to deliver a personalised optical service

The retail landscape is changing dramatically, as businesses move towards a digitally-driven service. In an era where eCommerce rules, even the optics industry has begun to adapt to the change in patient expectation and demand.

Customers in almost any industry can shop around with many different options at their fingertips. Customers can order something late at night, and receive it the next morning. The demand for immediacy and convenience has increased, which means businesses have had to adapt and evolve and is certainly true of the optical service. With that in mind, the likes of customer service and convenience have become huge drivers for keeping up customer retention and loyalty.

optical service

Embracing technology is the best way for the optics industry to continue growing and serving customers in the way that is now expected. Something as simple as offering an online prescription service could improve the perception of your practice.

It’s now more important than ever to make sure that your optical service is personalised to each patient. So, how do you achieve this?

High spec optical instruments

Optical instruments are the result of innovative technology that is now available in the healthcare industry. Embracing this technology can equip your practice with a multitude of advantages in an ever-developing industry.

Patients now expect a more advanced service than previously, from the minute they walk into your practice. High specification equipment is not only impressive on first glance, but it gives the right impression that your practice is up-to-date and reliable. After all, patients are putting their eye health in your hands.

Technologically-advanced dispensing instruments can be hugely important to an optometrist in different ways. First and foremost, the personalisation that this equipment can deliver to patients. Accurate measurements, detailed screening for disease and high definition imaging techniques can all paint a very clear picture of each patients’ eye condition and vision.

This results in the ability for an optometrist to dispense lenses or advise treatment that is perfectly suited to the patient’s needs and lifestyle. Digital measurement is becoming the future of optics; creating an immersive experienced for the patient that not only helps them understand their eye care, but also enhances the importance and difference of personalised lenses.

By embracing such technology within your clinic or practice, you can create the chance to really include your patients in the process. Many optical instruments will now take into consideration lifestyle and physiological behaviour, as well as visual need, in order to prescribe the correct solution.