7 reasons why you should consider 3D design as a career

There are design influences and creative minds at work all around us. Being a part of the design world not only impacts everyone around you but it is a skill that will ultimately change how you see life.

Here are some great reasons and aspects of design that will help you consider studying 3D design and later move on to a career path. 

3D design

Design is built on sociability

The great thing about design is that it isn’t your ordinary 9 to 5 job. It is seen as more of a lifestyle and as long as you have passion for it, you can continue developing. This career is heavily based on people and is very socially recognized. It’s all about who you know and networking. So if you are someone who loves meeting people, this is a career you should consider. Get started with developing your networking skills and have a read of these tips on how to get your name out there.

Drawing abilities

Drawing is a key part to design so if you have a love for expressing yourself visually, this is perfect for you. Not only can you put pen to paper and draw by hand but there are many software programs out there now that allow you to create drawings on your computer. AutoCAD is one of the most popular drawing programs within design and engineering; take a look at a guide to help you get started using AutoCAD.

Modeling skills

An exciting part of 3D design is the model making and all the different techniques and technology you use along the way in order to create them. AutoCAD is the first step in creating and building structures from various machines to build from and this helps with your visual communication skills. Making prototypes of your design ideas and thought processes is a necessity when trying to problem solve design briefs. And not only can you make these models by hand but there are companies out there who specialize in making your 3D prototypes for you. Rapid Direct is a Chinese manufacturing company who work with well-established design machinery such as 3D printers and CNC machines. This should help with prototyping, so why not consider sending over your design work now and get a quote. Then you can start printing and creating your design structures with professional finishes that the industry will love to see.

The options are endless

Whether you decide to study within a more specific design course or not, there is always overlap within the design principles you can learn. There is no straight path when working within design. For example, you will have knowledge in sectors such as graphic design also, as this is focused on type facing and written communication, which is relevant to any design practice. This helps make you a lot more open-minded and means your career options are a lot more vast.

Working in a well- established team

Although a lot of your design processes and thinking comes from you, there will many times you will be expected to part of a greater team of creative minds. There is a role out there for everyone in many different design companies. If you are more confident in your technological skills, for instance, look out for roles that specify this in their criteria. This makes applying for a job a lot less daunting as you can find a job that suits you more, rather than the other way round. After all, working in design is a lifestyle, so making sure you can be happy what you are creating is really important.

There is no right answer

A great aspect of pursuing 3D design is that there is no right or wrong answer to how your mind thinks and perceives creativity. Design is not like studying a science or math course; it is subjective and largely based on personal preferences. This gives you the freedom to create work that you feel is right rather than being too restricted.

The more you know

The great thing about 3D design is that it is so broad, so the amount of knowledge at hand to learn is immense. The more you know about other design sectors like furniture, architecture, and interiors, the more it will help you within 3D design. Knowledge is power, so taking this with you in your future job roles will sure look impressive to your employer. Within the industry, you will work with people from different professions such as mechanical engineering and quantity surveying, so having an insight into these as well as your own path is a great advantage to have.

This is all you need to know about 3D design in order to give you plenty of awareness of what’s out there for you. Look into these aspects and compare them to your own skills and way of thinking. Then you can get started building a career within 3D design.