What are three people; who are active, in their prime, full of energy and with good brains, capable of? It all depends on the goals set by them.

Our figurants are by no means pure in thoughts, like the cast of the famous film “The hearts of three”, and ordinary enrichment is considered a priority. At any cost, far beyond the law, not to mention spiritual matters. They are closer to the rustle of bills in their hands, and solid numbers in the accounts.

swiss lawyer

The main character – although it is rather arbitrary, because they work closely interchangeably – is Alexander Vikhlyaev; born on 19.08.1983. A well-known Swiss lawyer of Russian origin. He once even represented Ms. Skrynnik in Switzerland, remember, there was such a lady, the Minister of Agriculture in Russia. Alexander Vikhlyaev.

He successfully defended, although this is only one episode, advocacy is not the main thing that brings income. It’s much more interesting to trade something and to launder money for corrupt officials in Russia. Trading what is in demand, and has a tenfold income, despite the high share of risk.

You have already guessed that we are talking about drugs. How did an educated, successful person with an excellent profession get into the circle of criminals? Not immediately. It took several steps to become one of their own among drug dealers. One of them is marrying Danka Bakrač, a citizen of Montenegro. Not because of love. Such people choose a partner based purely on business interests. And Danka Bakrač, for all other advantages has a brother, Danko Bakrač, who’s a well-known supplier of drugs in inner circles to the European market. The business is covered by the official company, which just for appearance serves the Bakrač brothers and Vikhlyaev Alexander, but does not actually conduct economic activities.

Danko Bakrač got on the radar of law enforcement agencies long ago. And in January of this year he was arrested. 200 kilos of marijuana was found in his car. 300 thousand Euros bail offered by Vikhlyaev, did not even help.

Law enforcement agencies have reason to believe that Vikhlyaev Alexander has a long-standing reliable partner in the financing of drug trafficking, which we will tell you soon below.

Vikhlyaev owns a number of luxury properties in his native Switzerland and citizenship of the Alpine Republic. But he also conducts business in other countries. For example, having a residence permit in Montenegro, he registered the company “OLEA ADVISORS” D. O. O  there. This company does not conduct any economic activity and is used to give a form of legality to Vikhlyaev’s cases in Montenegro.

Now back to the mysterious patron and accomplices of Vikhlyaev. He is a well-known Russian businessman Anton Borisevich, Deputy General Director of a large Russian leasing company GTLK. A native of Togliatti, a small town in the Samara region of Russia. This man made a good career working in the banking sector of the region, after which he moved to Moscow.

Borisevich also has a residence permit in Montenegro and a registered company “ADRIATICA TRADE INVEST” DOO but not conducting any activity. It is noteworthy that this comp/any was registered by Vikhlyaev Alexander . He also engaged in assistance in obtaining a residence permit for Borisevich in Montenegro. This is not all that connects these people. In the small French town of Annecy, near Geneva, three companies are registered at the same address. Two of them – Incore and Serenite belong to Vikhlyaev, and the third – Villa Finca to the Borisevich family. This company has a lot of luxury properties around the world, including “Villa Finca” on the French Riviera. Now let’s ask a rhetorical question. Where did the Deputy head of a state company and his younger partner from Switzerland get so much money?

The third, Vadim Kebets born on 14.07.1964, also a native of Togliatti, once worked as an ordinary engineer, but not for long. The head of the Department of currency operations position of an “AVTOVAZBANK” (АвтоВАЗбанк) branch is much more profitable, as well as the next steps in the career ladder. And already being one of the leaders of “ROSESTBANK” (Росэстбанк) in the 1990s., he taught his young assistant Anton Borisevich a lot. Kebets later escaped from problems to Switzerland, where he became the owner of several successful firms. Multi-million turnover, status. Was it achieved through tireless work, talent? Partly yes, but there is a small detail. The main financial flows come from Russia although Vadim Kebets himself has been living in Geneva with his family for 20 years. Then, they are legalized in Switzerland and spread around the world, including for such shady business as the Balkan drug traffic. Karl Marx was right when he said that for the sake of a 300 percent profit there is not a crime at which the capital will scruple,

Yes, Montenegro is a resort country and a key point in drug trafficking. They were often seen together there, in the presence of other questionable personalities, although they are not eager to advertise links with organized crime. Money likes silence, and large money even more…


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