Great ideas for making creative branded coffee mugs

If you’re a coffee-lover, you may have seen all the cool mug ideas floating around. They’re just crazy, right?

A branded coffee mug speaks a lot about your preferences, interests, and personality. And they do make great promotional gifts. But a plain mug can look boring. So, don’t just create a mug. Create beautiful coffee mugs that are both stylish and captivating. Remember, office mugs can be printed. So, check out these ideas and design a custom coffee mug that’ll satisfy your desires.   

coffee mugs

Gold & silver star

Using gold and silver hues, make a star on your coffee mug. This will offer you something perfect for sipping your chocolate, coffee, or tea.

Letter sticker

Placing a unique letter sticker on your coffee mug and making confetti dots with different color Sharpies can go a long way in creating a cool monogram. Plus, doing this will help you achieve a clever design that’ll surely attract more people towards your rand. 

Draw lines

Looking for a quick and efficient way to create an elegant branded coffee mug? Then, you’ve landed in the right place. All you need is to follow Glued To My Craft’s technique of drawing a line on the mug.

Choose your favorite colors and draw unique lines all around your office coffee mugs. Though this might sound too basic, you’ll end up falling in love with the final product.

A quote

Pick your favorite quote and print it on paper. Then carefully trace it onto your coffee mug. This makes an excellent gift for those whom you love and care about. Plus, you can give it to your employees and turn them into loyal staff who’re committed to serving your company better.

Krylon finishing coat

Another great idea is to spray your coffee mugs with a Krylon finishing coat. Choose the black color scheme and create exceptional coffee mugs that won’t cease to amaze your audience.

Blue plus red sharpies

Utilize blue as well as red-colored Sharpies to create stylish coffee mugs that’ll capture the attention of your clients and employees.

You could also take advantage of the free printable offered by Fleece Fun and design an outstanding coffee mug featuring perfectly sized quotes.

Confetti heart

Confetti heart mugs are gorgeous and utilize some brightly colored paint pens. With this technique, you can create sweet coffee mugs for gifting your staff members during Valentine’s Day.

Anchor coffee mug

Love the look of anchors plus all things nautical? Then, the anchor coffee mug has got you covered. It’s simple and gorgeous.

Mustache mugs

Everyone is now crazy about mustache coffee mugs. There are numerous templates available online that can help you create the best mustache design for your mug.

Golden geometric mugs

Apart from being unique and stylish, these golden geometric mugs are dishwasher safe. So, they’ll offer more convenience and outstanding durability. Combine different colors, such as teal, gold, and silver and watch out for more sophistication.


With so many innovative ideas available on the online market today, it’s much easier coming up with something unique. Check out the above ideas and design attractive office coffee mugs that’ll draw more people towards your brand.