Local SEO trends you should know about

In today’s internet-driven world, there is no surprise in saying that most of the businesses prefer online brand promotion to present their brand to the digital world.

The main reason why they choose online marketing services is the presence of billions of customers on digital platforms. Be it social media sites or search engines; the customers rely on internet tools and sites to find information about the companies, brand, services, and so on. Everyone knows that designing a website and optimizing the content for search engine is their ultimate way of finding their spot on the search engines. However, just developing a website and adding content isn’t sufficient for your online business. You need to adopt the important local SEO trends in order to draw the attention of your target audience.

local SEO trends

4 local SEO trends

Of course, you aim to bring more and more organic traffic to your page. But what matters the most is the lead conversion. Your major goal should be to add high-quality content, consistent NAP, and other vital features that won’t only add traffic to your page but convert your visitors into the customers. Have you been trying to improve the search engine optimization of your website? If yes, you might have heard of the local search engine trends. Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the phrase. This post is all about the meaning, purpose, and latest trends of local SEO that every business owner should know about. Without further ado, let’s start with the Local SEO trends.

1. Businesses are leveraging Google My Business

Before getting to the standard SEO procedure, it’s imperative to start with the basics. First things first, local SEO is for businesses that have a brick and mortar store and are looking for some ways to optimize their content on the search engines so that they can have more people visit their land-based store. A local SEO services company in London called ClickSlice states that the first step to driving more organic traffic to your business is to put the NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) of your business in the business directory, listings, and Google My Business profile. You can even put this information across the social media channels. However, one more important tip to ensure that Google finds you and ranks your website is to maintain consistency across the NAP. The more consistent your NAP format is the higher your ranking on the directories and Google.

The perfect place to start the local SEO optimization is the Google My Business profile. Set up your business profile on Google My Business page and add all the necessary information such as the business name, address, phone number, category, and so on. Make sure that 25% of the total search engine traffic generates from GMB.

2. The local voice search is becoming famous

By now, everyone knows that Artificial Intelligence has made the voice search technology available to the people. Now, you no more need to stress your hands by typing long queries. As per the research, business owners and marketers are paying attention to voice search technology in local search engine optimization. Studies suggest approximately 75% of the internet users who have speakers utilize voice search to conduct their local business research a day. These groups of people that prefer voice search method rather than texting are likely to use this technology for reserving seats at restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Though the number of people using speakers is relatively lower than that of the smartphone and laptop users, it is expected to grow in the coming years. There were about 33% of people that had speakers in 2018. And this figure is expected to take a leap to 55% by the end of 2022.

3. Online brand mentions are gaining popularity

In order to boost the search engine rankings, the business owners take into consideration the online brand mention factor. Gone are the days when brand mention was not even considered the part of SEO. Today, even the search engine’s has added online brand mentioning to its algorithm. There’s no denying that brand mentions have a great impact on your local business. It not only improves your search engine ranking but drives more traffic to your page and helps you gain customer’s trust.

The best way to earn Google’s trust is to create compelling content, engage with customers, and most importantly, earn as many mentions as possible. When you are creating content, make sure that you make it attractive as well as shareable. Furthermore, you must consider collaborating with influencers in order to present your local business to the target audience. Also, it is imperative for businesses to pay attention to the reviews and feedback they receive on Google+ or social media sites. If you want to ensure customer’s engagement, try to reply to as much feedback as possible (both the negative and positive ones).

4. Business website will be an important asset

While Google My Business plays an integral part in helping you provide the essential details of your business to the audience, the website will still be considered an important factor for search engine ranking. In order to ensure proper customer engagement as well as a good ranking on Google and directories, businesses must have their commercial website.

According to the research, 52% of people trust commercial websites than Google My Business profile. There are approximately 32% of customers that trust GMB, whereas only 12% of people rely on business directories to find the local businesses. Also, more than 50% of the customers said they wouldn’t trust the business with incorrect or inconsistent information on GBM and directories. This means consistency is another important factor that encourages users to do business with the local company. What else? Google is monetizing the local search pages (which is good news for all the local businesses out there). Now, the search engines will start displaying ads on local searches.

These were the four latest trends that can have a major impact on the working of the Local SEO. Follow these trends and make your local business stand out.