Why distributing leaflets are still useful to your business

As we are surrounded by a digital world, is it still essential to have a well-designed brochure to advertise our business?

The answer is yes. Together with a website, social networks, advertising, and marketing strategy, company leaflets remains an essential element in the work of brand dissemination.


We see that communication is increasingly done on channels called “Online.” However, the printing of leaflets is still relevant. It is undoubtedly one of the oldest forms of print advertising. Nevertheless, It is still used successfully today thanks to its value for money.

So we’ll see together some tips on how to get the most out of leaflet advertising.

Organization of the message in the leaflets

For an advertising campaign printed on flyers, you must attach great importance to graphic design, because it is precisely the visual organization of the message that will allow you to attract the attention of your recipient.

Firstly, you must pay close attention to the proportions between the message (the creativity) and the size of the format of your flyer during the design phase. Although this seems obvious, it is imperative to ensure the full readability of the circular for your recipient.

It is, therefore, necessary to balance the textual part with the creative part which must be captivating and targeted as much as possible to your target audience. The text message should speak to your contact person and at the same time, be clear about the service or product you are promoting!

Finally, do not underestimate the lettering of the text: do not use illegible fonts. They can create confusion, and the readability of the message will suffer. No need to have a great message to communicate if the characters are hard to read!

Use linear characters and differentiate the text of the call to action. In the era of advertising “bombardment,” the best way to get noticed is to be both catchy and synthetic at the same time.

This suggestion is closely related to the size of the chosen format. You must communicate within the available spaces and by sending a simple and straightforward message, both graphically and textually. The readability of the words is therefore essential because it guarantees you immediacy and recognition from the first impact.

The marketing plan for the distribution of advertising leaflets

To succeed and make the most of your leaflets, however, you must follow a marketing plan adapted to this means of commercial communication.

It’s something easy enough to accomplish. In fact, rather than a real marketing plan, we would talk about the public subdivision. All you have to do is divide the audience locally, by region, and if you can, according to custom. This is because the leaflet is really powerful, especially when it comes to communication at the local level.

Target your contacts

The leaflet has the great advantage of optimizing the cost per contact, unlike television advertising on the radio, which allows you to focus only on a specific area. The printed leaflet will enable you to target your campaigns by reducing the cost per contact.

It is a simple fact: with TV advertising, you can reach thousands of people, with leaflet distribution London, the distribution will be much smaller, but it may be more precise (targeting a particular place). These prospects will be more likely to be transformed into a customer and this in a very short time.

Leafleting, albeit on a small scale, is therefore of great importance for activities that want to make themselves known in their territory, and which aim to attract many customers in a short period of time. Finally, the printed leaflet has another significant advantage that many other print media do not have: controlling results.

How to follow the impact of its communication campaign with leaflets?

The means to evaluate the return on investment of the leaflets are direct and straightforward. Moreover, we will see that the physical medium can easily combine with online media. It is important not to oppose the two. For example, paper catalogs can be allies of eCommerce.

How to do?

You can do it by adding a coupon to the leaflet, for example. This way, you can calculate how many people use the voucher attached to the leaflet. Therefore you can calculate the success rate of sales, taking into account the number of coupons spread over the territory and those who have returned, it is, i.e., those used by customers.