Resolve conflict in business – Fast!

Conflict in business may arise at any point. Where two parties are in disagreement with one another, it’s essential to arrive at a decision as fast as possible to prevent the issue from escalating and causing unnecessary stress at work.

Reason being, spending time away from your business to mull over conflict will cost your business valuable time and money.

resolve conflict

Examples of conflict that may arise while running your company are:

  • Your investor may have a different idea or direction for your business that you don’t agree with.
  • A business partner may feel it’s in the best interests of the company to sell it and move on to other ventures. However, you may want to continue growing the business.
  • There could be a dispute between management in the company about how a particular department is run.

No two people are the same and shall have various visions, values, and morals that don’t coincide. Despite this, it’s essential to try and reach an agreement, so that you may continue investing your efforts into your business. There are a few stages to consider to enable you to reach a solution, and here are three suggestions.

Gather evidence

If you are the person that is involved in the dispute or you are advising others how to resolve it, all parties will need to gather evidence that supports why their idea is correct. They will need proof that for example, there is an unfair process that needs attention, or perhaps research that advises their opponents plan for the business will not work. It’s crucial to compile your evidence before speaking to the opposing party.

Broach the subject

It’s essential to make your ideas on a matter known to the person you are experiencing conflict with. And to specify that you are open to brainstorming a solution. With your evidence in hand, you could write a letter or an email as a way to explain your thought process and express any solutions you have thought of that may work for both parties. Sending a letter or email will give the recipient some time to think about your proposal before responding. When you do create your email or message, make sure that it’s both professional and diplomatic. It shouldn’t offend or attack the opposing business or person in any way.


If the exchange of letters and emails between you and the other party doesn’t seem to be enabling you to reach a middle ground, you may want to try and seek help elsewhere. As per the 2017 Mediation Act, mediation is a compelling form of problem-solving used in all aspects of life to help solve various problems across the world. It’s also a cost-effective solution in comparison to the more expensive, arduous alternative being court proceedings. 

Disputes shall arise throughout your business, it’s how you solve them that will either enable your business to succeed or alternatively drag your business processes down with never-ending issues. In light of this, it’s essential to decide what battles are important enough for you to dedicate your time to.