Don’t cut out the middleman…Find him!

If there’s one common saying that you hear, it’s to cut out the middleman. But what did the middleman do so wrong!?

He, or she, is someone who can facilitate your needs, without you having to try to understand the jargon that comes with it. They’re someone who can find you the opportunities that you need to help your business grow, and connect you with the people that you need to be connected with, without you having to go through all of the effort to do so. Now, there is not just one middleman, and it all depends on what you need, as to what middleman you go for.


But we’ve got just a few for you that we think you need to bring back into your life, and show your business what it has been missing out on. We’ve got some of the most common areas that people struggle to understand and outsource to, and why you should be getting in touch with the middleman in that area!


Your finances will be something that you either really understand and really focus on, or it will be something that you shrug off to your accountant, and let them deal with it all. But the accountant you’ve got might not necessarily be managing your books exactly how they should be, because if it is someone that you outsource to rather than employ in house, they’ve most likely got a few other businesses that they’re managing as well. So there’s a website that you should try and check out,, that will connect you with so many business financial related people, that could better show you how to manage your money. Because as a business, it’s not all about the books and making sure that they’re maintained. It’s about looking for new money options, investment options, and just ways to make sure that what you’ve got is the best option for you!


Marketing is another grey area for companies because it’s just not something that is so easy to understand. Social media might be, but all of the other avenues that a small business should be trying to discover, they’re the ones that are hard to explore because they’re so filled with jargon. So what you need to do, is find a middleman who will connect you with a ton of different marketing options, for a good price. The more varied you keep your marketing, the easier it’s going to be to attract the right attention. Limiting yourself to one outlet is never going to work.

Business opportunities generally

Sometimes you just need new business opportunities that only a middleman can connect you with. It might be the opportunity to attend an event, it might be to start hiring your first lot of employees, or it might be to be connected with other businesses to help the flow of your company. Whatever it is, always make sure that you’re looking for new business opportunities, that will in turn help you to grow your business.