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Best progressive jackpot games to try

Online casinos have rapidly grown and very appreciated even among the traditionalists. The constant evolution in terms of technology and safety has guaranteed to the players secure winnings and full transparency.

This huge spreading has generated a massive flow of money and consequently, constantly growing awards. In this short article, we are going to list 4 of the most appreciated and profitable jackpot games available for the slots lovers.

jackpot games

Although online casinos offer a large range of games, the players keep showing a particular and solid interest for the slot machines, this special love aroused interest among manufacturers which invested tones of money and efforts to create truly awesome jackpots to play. The normal games offer lavish rewards, although thy are far away from the truly life-changing jackpots available with online slot machines.

The winnings for jackpot games we are going to talk about are all above the million pounds.

Some of the best available jackpots 

Hall of Gods for example, which is considered the highest rewarding one has paid an average win of over 5 million pounds. If your next question was going to be, how frequent it could be, the answer is even more unbelievable than the prize, in fact, the bell jingles two times per year. The highest Jackpot though is even more crazy, it came close to the height million pounds. Literally unbelievable.

On the track of the previous slot, Mega Moolah is from certain aspects even more rewarding. A very easy game to play, with its 5 wheels and three rows, this fascinating machine makes instant millionaires. Although the average winning is slightly smaller than the previous one, 4.5 million pounds, the highest jackpot and the frequency of the payouts make this slot the biggest mine of gold on earth. In fact, with over 8.8 million pounds and a cadence of three times per year, the Mega Moolah pays the highest prize out there.

Just below the Olympus, but still above the human being, there is a superb machine which has given an enormous amount of money, we are talking about Funky Fruits. This machine is very easy to play, the cartoonish graphics and the 5 wheels confer this slot a special character. The funny music and the colorful elements almost distract the player from the jackpot which actually is enormous, over 2 million pounds, and this extraordinary bunch of money can be won almost four times per year. The average is almost 1.6 million pounds. A true enjoyment, is not it?

Murphy’s law says, if something can happen, it will happen. This is the spirit behind the Gladiator. The jackpot, floats above the million pounds, and the frequency of the win is astonishing, more than 4 times per year. The highest jackpot has nothing to envy to the others, it easily gets over the 2.3 million pounds. The 5 reels and the three rows make the rest. It is for sure a life-changing machine. I dare you to say differently.