Summer house garden maintenance ideas

There is a lot of work to be done in the garden in summer. If you plan well, you can determine what needs to be done first, depending on urgency.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, you need to keep checking your to-do-list so that you always ensure that things are done on time. To enjoy the work, once in a while, invite a friend or two to have a look at the work you are doing in the garden, and ask them for comments. Here are some of the best summer house garden designs that you should consider utilizing.

summer house garden

Use mulches

You can suppress weeds by mulching the bed with organic matter. You can also maintain moisture in the garden by mulching. Whenever possible, make sure to irrigate the garden. If you are using sprinklers or water wands, you want to water early or late in the day to minimize the rate of evaporation. Several online agencies try to educate farmers on the best ways to water their garden without interfering with the life of the plants.

Hire a professional tree surgeon

There’s no use having a summer house if it is surrounded by overgrown trees. If you don’t like the idea of pruning back your trees you may want to think about hiring a professional tree surgeon to do it for you. Every successful garden requires the skills of professional tree surgeon once in a while. You will be able to relax a lot easier in your summer house when you don’t have to look at overgrown trees in your garden.

Cool off your yard

It is essential to come up with the best techniques to cool off your yard. Since plants are natural air conditioners, you will notice that areas located under trees are way cooler than areas close to sunny spots. Consider planting a few trees to shade the composite decking boards and place some benches and chairs underneath the trees. If you can place a fountain close to the patio, or even a portable water feature, your summer house garden will get a soothing effect brought by the sound of moving water. The water features will also bring the cooling effect that is needed during summer. Plants are also a great way to keep your room cool. Construct an arbour and then grow trees and vines that grow quickly. Also, you can install shade cloth to bring more shade to your garden.

Add colourful containers to your garden

With regular watering, you can keep the annual containers looking great and attractive. You also need to keep them fertilized and deadheaded. During mid-summer, try to walk around your summer house garden and check the health of your plants. You want to replace the tired plants with new ones so that you keep your yard as fresh as possible. Also, million bells and petunias into half and provide feedings of soluble bloom booster fertilizer to achieve a new flush of colour. To obtain an element of surprise, you need to move the containers into the mixed borders where there are gaps or holes.

Try to mix it up

You should not be afraid to mix ornamentals with edibles. With that, you will get a mix of taste whenever you try to get a view of your garden. If you combine your plants well, you will get a fantastic colour along the pathway, making you want to spend all day staring at your backyard. If you have dinosaur kale, you should plant it in a container since that is where they tend to bloom well. You can combine them with annual to give your garden a better summer look. Also, if you have nasturtiums that have edible flowers, they could be used as container accents in climbing up a trellis or in raised beds. You can always get more inspiration by contacting the local agencies.

Utilize container-grown edibles as ornamental accents

Many farmers have always bred a wide variety of vegetables and fruits in containers and the spectacular report results. Therefore, they are the best choice for small patios and decks. Taking care of gardens during summer might be difficult if you have a full-time job, which is why you can never go wrong with containers.

Take advantage of a large patio

If you feel braced for a larger project, then you might want to add a well-decorated large patio on your summer house garden. Make sure that it is beautifully decorated, and note that large patios tend to demand a lot of work. When summer gets even warmer, you can choose to open your patio doors to let more brightness and breeze in. This is a great location to spend quality time alone or with loved ones during the summer afternoons. If you have a big summer party underway, then your large decorated patio could be the right spot to keep your guests awed. A spacious patio could fit any type of comfy chairs and tables. You can also have a practical path that links to the entire garden so that you can always take a walk around the yard.

Whilst taking on larger projects like taking advantage of a larger patio and installing ponds in your garden, this can create a lot of waste. If you are going to be tackling these projects by yourself then you are going to a skip ranging from 4 – 10 yards depended on the project. If you are located in the Midlands then we would recommend Top Coventry Skips as they provide competitive prices and next day delivery

Show pollinators some love

Hummingbirds and insects are necessary for pollination of flowers, edibles, and other plants. Therefore, look for native plants that would bloom during summer to attract as much wildlife as possible. You can talk to your local agency for ideas on the best plants that would bloom during summer so that you have a wide variety of wildlife during this time. For new gardens, you want to consider zinnias and annual sunflowers and other wildflower mixes. Your choice of flowers should be able to grow fasters to give you the best during summer.

Think big

With the best weather, make sure that you take care of and complete most of your projects. This should include building a path or pond, laying pavement, addressing drainage problems, building a new fence, and many more. This is the time that you could transform your garden completely since the weather is a bit friendly. You can choose to finish these projects yourself or hire professionals at a cost. With a little research, you will know the best design, which is cost-effective and still can match the size and overall layout of your garden. Several sites could give you the information you need free of charge.

The final word

To take good care of your garden during summer, you need to focus on the types of plants you have, and the size of your garden. If you have a big garden, you can hire professionals to help you with some work. Better still, you can reduce the size of your garden by building a path around it. However, if you still want to keep it huge, you might need to employ technology like sprinklers to help you reduce the amount of work. Contact us for more information on how best you can take care of your yard during summer. We are a team of experts who have worked on several projects for an extended duration. We can be of great help if you contact us today.